Getting Involved With School


Warren Lee

The YLHS ASB class is a great way to get involved with school spirit, activities, and the campus.

Mabel Ra, Editor

Yorba Linda High School is home to an abundance of different programs, extracurriculars, and clubs. What makes Yorba Linda High so unique is the great emphasis placed on getting involved at school.


It is a common theme for people to say, “Get more involved!” And the fact is, it’s actually true.


Getting involved at school is a great way for you to achieve more of the “high school experience” rather than staying on the sidelines. It can be in the form of joining a club, being a member of an athletic team, or even attending a school performance.


YLHS offers an incredible opportunity of being involved with the following:

Athletics: Water Polo, Cross Country, Cheer and Song, Dance Company, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Track and Field, and Wrestling.

Arts: Band, Choir, Color Guard, Dance, Orchestra, Photography, Theatre, and Visual Arts.

Academics: Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, and Academic Decathlon.

Clubs: There are multiple clubs that exist here on campus. They can range from academic clubs to language clubs to clubs individual students are passionate about. Here are some of the biggest ones on campus: California Scholarship Federation (CSF), National Honors Society (NHS), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Mustang Business Academy (FBLA), Key Club, WE Club, Spanish Club, Red Cross, and Link Crew.

Extracurricular Classes: Newspaper, Yearbook, and Associated Student Body (ASB).


On top of being a part of what high school has to offer, getting involved allows students to try new things, meet different people, share ideas and culture, spark an interest, develop useful skills, and gain a second family.


At first glance, getting involved can be something to be wary about. You have to put effort into attending and participating in all of these extracurricular activities. Plus, you would have to try several different things to finally find your niche.


However, once you find what you are interested in, getting involved with something special can spark a passion in you that will later lead to striving for goals and the future.


Senior Grace Kim (12) adds her input stating, “Getting involved at school is a great way to build connections and find a group that suits you best. It makes high school a more enjoyable place to be if you are passionate about the things it offers.”


With the abundance of extracurriculars and things to get involved with, it is so easy for you to get started in involvement! Simply ask around, make an effort to try, and you will find that getting involved is the best way for you to maximize your time at Yorba Linda High School. After all, four years go by quickly, and all the upperclassmen at Yorba Linda alone can attest to that!