A Not so Little Musical


Courtesy of YLHS Theatre

The official Little Woman poster.

Tiffany Vo, Photojounalist

Yorba Linda High School Theatre Department is preparing to showcase their fall musical “Little Women” on Sept. 21, 22, 27, and 29 at seven p.m. An additional show will be provided on Sept. 22 at two p.m. as well as a dinner and silent auction on Sept. 29 at 4:30 p.m. The musical will be taking place at the YLHS Forum, located on 4157 Fairmont Blvd. Tickets are available at ylhstheatre.org for $15 for general admission and $40 for the dinner and silent auction or $275 for a table of eight.


Based on the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, the play follows the YLHS students through the life of the March family. Four sisters, Jo, Beth, Meg, and Amy, grow up in America during the tough and brutal Civil War. Jo March, an aspiring writer, travels to New York because of her sister’s oncoming marriage; however, due to news of tragedy, March is immediately forced to return home in Concord. With a climatic story plot, this musical pinpoints the themes of adventure, family, tragedy, and love (mtishows.com).


Directed by Cathy Petz, YLHS’s very own theatre teacher, composed by Jason Howland, and choreographed by Tera Pit, a great amount of work and effort has been incorporated into the process of producing the musical. Behind the big production, students have been rehearsing for the musical for four months, even throughout the summer. Because this is the special summer show, only a limited amount of people are casted. Auditions were held at the end of last year, and the cast only consists of ten students. Each cast member was required to meet nearly everyday in August for up to six hours a day and three hours after school when the school year began. Kaitlyn Kraack (12), a dedicated musical theatre student at YLHS, plays “Marmee” and only has positive thoughts to share about her fellow peers. With certainty, she expresses how the cast are full of “amazing, talented, and hardworking people.”


At school, posters of the musical are hung on doors, windows, and throughout the hallways to encourage fellow students to come support their peers. By looking at the colorful purple poster, students are able to know about the show dates, time, and ticket prices. YLHS takes pride in the consistent quality of musicals that the theatre department regularly presents. With a promising night of entertainment, students, friends, parents, and staff are all welcome to come and support Yorba Linda High School in another successful production.