Why Algae is becoming the next best Food Item



Above, that of the diving into the world of algae becomes more prominent within that of the scientific world.

Brandon Russell, Editor

For centuries that of the environment and the culmination of food has been at an all time crisis and has progressively become a counterintuitive act throughout that of the United States and even the World. Coming from a new scientific discovery, that of Algae is just one of the newest forms of up and coming food in which that of scientists and experts believe can change that of societal food items in restaurants and grocery stores everywhere.


Pescatarians and vegetarians are just some of the lifestyles in which that of the world of food has produced today; however, that of the consumption of algae is the next new societal escapade in which the new world is starting to incorporate into America. According to CNN, to survive in this world today “we need to change the way we eat” and the way in which “the planets fresh water goes into use” within our daily meals everyday. The consumption of Algae does just that. While “meat uses a lot of finite resources” and that green slimy stuff we call algae “uses fresh water packed with nutrients” that of the consumption of algae would be beneficial because, according to CNN, that of “algae can even grow faster and in different conditions such as the desert”.


With there being more than one hundred thousand strains of algae within the U.S. today, that of the availability for algae would dramatically increase. Along with many other factors, that of the addition of an algae based diet would also “dramatically increase that of the U.S. omega 3 supplements” in which is present within different proteins and fish, according to CNN.


Although most people may already contain the notion that this slimy and almos taline like substance is one in which is not suitable to eat; conversely, that of algae is already being reinvented to taste almost “like a protein powder in which is being added” to the algae substance, according to CNN.


Jake Sowder (12) knows just how tough that of “a diet can be on a person’s body and overall health,” however, he thinks that this new “discovery could lead to a new trend in America in which that of algae plays a big role in the lives of everyone not just in the United States but all around the world.


With this discovery and reinvented form of consumption, comes that of social change and environmental sustainability. Not only will this new discovery by scientists enable that of citizens to maintain a stable diet and add a new substance to their everyday life, but that of its reinvention would allow for a more diverse and submersive United states culture.