Teen Technology Addiction

Sara Kharazmi, Photojournalist

After completing their homework and studies, what do teens in high school do before bed? Bookworm or not, you might use apps to e-read, electronic read, or go on your gadgets and gizmos watching multiple shows.


Teens who use technology are guilty of this, but why? As a teen, it is a natural habit to go on technology before bed or during “breaks” throughout studying and homework assignments. It is necessary to take frequent breaks writing a 3 paged essay for language arts, but as teens, we may get distracted and go off on our devices for more than 10 minutes.


According to Fox News, “The most significant issue negatively impacting younger kids and teenagers today is the addictive, pervasive and damaging effects of video-gaming, social media and excessive Internet usage.” Can we as teens admit that we agree with this, or is a great compromise issued for this problem?


Documentaries such as “No Time to Think” and “Sleeping with Siri” shows that teens are introduced by the look and communication of these modern day, well-known devices and websites like the new iPhone 6 and Instagram. Distracting websites and devices will or are currently effecting teens in countless ways.


One obvious way is how the iPhone comes out with the latest designs. Teens purchase this device because of the ultramodern look and multiple social media accounts they can connect to. Unfortunately, homework will then be forgotten about for most teens. Another popular distraction is social media. One may inspect their device for the latest and greatest app they can connect to and follow their idols, like youtubers and an abundant amount of celebrities. The two modern aspects can be distracting, but as a teenager in the year of 2014, it can help you get roll the everlasting ball of homework like by listening to music, which helps many people, even teens.


As well as, technology does help schools by drawing the actual lesson with colorful pictures that works for both college students and preschoolers. One device is the Promethean Smart Board. Teachers at schools usually enjoy using this wonderful and colossal mass of technology because they know the students will enjoy it as well.


Is this a horrifying habit, or a fair balance? Of course, many parents will disagree with their children backing away from homework, however, more teens need to get the message across that technology won’t go away, so a fair balance of academics and then their next priority could be their beloved gadgets.