How to Study for Finals

Finals week is coming… how are you going to study?


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Finals Week is coming up for YLHS Mustangs.

Mabel Ra, Editor

Attention all Mustangs: Finals Week is arriving quickly!

Finals Week for Mustangs will consist of three days from Tuesday, January 23, until Thursday, January 25. It will be dedicated to finals exams for each class period.

When studying for finals, there is a series of options that can help your study experience run smoothly. Each method of studying can have different effects on each person, so make sure to choose the one that suits you best!


Maximize your Time:

While it can be tempting, taking an “all-nighter” or “cramming” all your studying in one day can be a disastrous plan. For the best test results, try to study an hour a day for a week, rather than studying for seven hours within one day. To stay motivated, study in time intervals and take short, but regular, breaks.


Take Notes/Use Flashcards:

One way to study is by taking advantage of good notes and flashcards. As studying can quickly become tiresome, try to keep things interesting by making flashcards or taking notes. Don’t forget to revisit these study materials frequently so that you don’t forget them.


Study in Groups:

For some students, studying in groups is the optimum way to go. By studying in groups, you are able to quickly ask your group questions and receive help. In addition, you can share notes and tips with one another. Make sure to keep in mind that studying in groups can potentially be distracting, so try to keep the class material relevant in your conversations.


Ask a Teacher:

When in doubt, ask your teacher! As you will be taking a final exam in your teacher’s class, your teacher can be the best source to get help. Arrange an appointment to see your teacher one-on-one for help, or ask a question before school, during break and lunch, or after school. Tyler Padgett (11), a conscientious student partaking several AP classes, occasionally asks his teachers and fellow students “for help in understanding the lesson better.”


Visit the YLHS Library: 

National Honor’s Society (NHS) tutors are always readily available to help with different subjects. To receive help from an NHS tutor, visit the school library before school Tuesday through Friday and after school Monday through Thursday.

In addition to the help of NHS tutors, there are several YLHS teachers that can help with the subjects Math, Spanish, Chinese, and Language Arts.

If you would like to see a more in-depth schedule, see the school librarians, Mrs.Phillips and Mrs. Yoshinaga, for more information.


To access the finals bell schedule for the week of 1/23 to 1/25, click on the link below: