In State or Out of State Colleges: Which are More Beneficial


Malieka Khan

There are several different colleges all around the United States, but which is the best for who?

Malieka Khan, Photojournalist

With college applications being sent out and completed soon, many students are wondering whether their best bet is going to an in state or out of state college. However, both are beneficial for different reasons depending on each person. In general for financial reasons and spiritual reasons this debate is widely discussed amongst seniors.

Major influences go into this decision from many different aspects and a major one is financial issues. Students that come from low income families are highly encouraged to go in state to support their financial struggles. Out of state schools require places to live, food and other necessities, as well as an overall support coming from their distant families. More times than none, families back home are too busy trying to make a paycheck to wonder about their out of state child leaving and what they must to survive. With in state not only do the students have that support and food, but they also can help out with the family when needed only being a call or room away.

Out of state schools give more of an experience and spiritual life to those who attend them. For many this is much more valuable and necessary for young adults to grow as people and become more mature. Not to mention that out of state schools have a much higher acceptance rate such as University of Utah with a 97% acceptance rate. Based on the type of person someone is, the idea of that freedom and maturity and life is intriguing enough to let them see what college would be like away from their everyday.

Though better arguments can be made for both sides, the type of person who is looking for the college is the main factor. Their financial struggles could influence it, but truly if they wanted to attend an out of state school, it should be within their abilities. Same would go for a person with the mindset of going to an in state college for those very same reasons and impacts on their lives since “not many people have the opportunity to going to these colleges in the first place so those who can seem to go where they fit easiest” states Faith Wantanabe (10).

In state and out of state schools are both highly debated topics of discussion, however the choice will mainly come down to who the person is and where they are in life. In the end, that is what will officially decide where the rest of someone’s educational career will be spent.