Club Spotlight: CR3W


Amber Reddish

Samantha Bohling (11), Katarina Alaegra (11) and Jessica Ryan (11) aid two elderly woman in the creation of social media accounts to communicate with their family and friends.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

Here at Yorba Linda High School we have many diverse clubs ranging from the National Honors Society to the Pasta Club; however, CR3W is a rather unique club compared to  the others. CR3W, which stands for Computers Reaching 3rd World countries, has the goal of spreading the use of technology, not only in our local communities, but also around the globe. They help to advance human use of technology, rather than technology itself.

Locally here in Yorba Linda, the club volunteers one Friday every month at the local retirement home Sunrise Senior Living. While they are there, they work with the elderly folks residing there to expand their knowledge on technology and how to properly use it. These CR3W students are there to help, from Facebook, to Facetime, to even just creating an email account. As many as 30 residents in the home come to every session and are always more than appreciative of the charitable work and knowledge the club members bring to their home.

On a more global scale, CR3W students at YLHS help people in 3rd world countries through financial aid. By hosting multiple fundraisers, such as bake sales and car washes, they are able to raise as much as $1,000 a year to fund the introduction of technology in countries such as Africa and Asia. This allows the people in these countries to further advance themselves in a way that makes them more aligned with the current world.

By being in this club, you not only expand your own expertise on technology, but you also form a valuable bond with the people you are helping. Despite the belief that modern technology weakens relationships, the people in these homes use it in a way that allows them to maintain their outside relationships.The club’s president Joanne Sumarsono (11) feels strongly that “this club has a real impact on all of the people involved, whether they be a volunteer or someone the club is helping.” It is truly heart warming for all the volunteers to be able to teach these people ways in which they can keep in touch with their families and friends despite how sick and elderly many of them are.

CR3W accepts new members year around and is always open to new leaders to help spread the positivity that technology can bring. I encourage all of you to further look into joining this fantastic club — it is rewarding in more ways than one and I can guarantee you will not regret it!