Halloween of the World


Tokyo celebrating the Hungry Ghost festival. Photo credit: China Daily

Grace Kim, Photjournalist

Goblins. Princesses. Candies. Haunted houses. The time of year for dressing up like your favorite TV show character or watching Halloweentown with your friends has finally arrived! In Yorba Linda, students celebrate Halloween by going trick or treating, hanging out with friends at dress up parties, and watching horror movies till 3 in the morning. Allison  Zambrano (11), on Halloween, “likes to either hand out candies to trick or treaters or go to pumpkin patches with [her] family.” As Halloween attracts the creepy crawlers of the night here are some activities that are happening in Los Angeles this Halloween.

The most well known attraction that many mustangs annually visit is Knott’s Scary farm. Knott’s scary farm gives a once in a lifetime thrill with  free roaming monsters, terrifying mazes and rides, and a theatrical show featuring some of America’s well known horror fables. Similarly, another amusement park that takes scary to its finest is Universal Studios. Universal Studios hosts their Halloween horror nights throughout the month of October ending on October 31. Roaming monsters, scare zones, eight mazes, and the “Terror Tram” engulf all visitors in the Halloween spirit. Other than amusement parks, Long Beach Zombie fest attracts handfuls of  tourists during the season of Halloween. The festival takes a span of three days where the “walking dead” can roam its streets. There are much more activities like the Los Angeles haunted hayride, Dia de los Muertes in Disneyland resort to have an truly spooktacular time.  Obviously, Californians take Halloween very seriously; here are some ways other states and countries celebrate what it means have a wickedly awesome time on Halloween.

Dia de Los Muertos, the day of the dead, is celebrated in much of Latin America at the end of October. Many Latin American cultures embrace a tradition of the dead visiting the living on October 31. As a result, relatives prepare for the homecoming of their passed loved ones by making delicious pan de muerto, tamales, and candied pumpkins. In addition to Dia de los Muertos, Hong Kong’s the Hungry Ghost festival is a site to see. People celebrate the seventh month of the lunar calendar because it is believed to be when restless spirits roam the earth. The Hungry Ghost festival has an array of amazing foods, dances, and unique rituals like roadside fires. Another well known Halloween festive celebration is the Samhain (The Feast of the Dead) in Ireland. The holiday starts at the sunset on October 31 to the sunset on November 1. They celebrate with bonfires, feasts, and laughter.

Though the previously mentioned events aren’t all of the activities that are happening around Halloween, they are some of the more well known festivals that one should visit on October 31.