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What Drinking More Water Can Do For You

Drinking more water has many health benefits, including keeping you hydrated, energized, and giving you healthier skin. (Grecia Chavez)

Everyone knows that water is a necessity and imperative for your health, yet most students don’t drink enough water. This consequently can leave you feeling dehydrated, nauseous, and tired. That is why it is especially important to drink enough water when you are a student so that you can keep up with your physical and mental needs. Even if you think that you drink a sufficient amount of water, drinking more of it has many positive consequences– as long as you don’t go overboard.

Besides keeping you hydrated, drinking an abundant amount of water has plenty of benefits that you might not be aware of. Oftentimes, parents will tell us to drink more water as the answer to everything, including if you have a headache, are feeling tired or sick, or are in a bad mood. Although water doesn’t exactly cure you from these things, it can definitely help! This is because being dehydrated has many negative effects, so when you drink water and become hydrated, it alleviates your symptoms. In addition, water lubricates your joints, forms saliva and mucus, regulates body temperature, cushions sensitive tissues, and is crucial for many more bodily functions.

In addition to your internal functions, water can also have effects on your outward appearance. For instance, water can make you feel energized, especially during a workout, if you are dehydrated.  Additionally, drinking water can actually help you get clearer and healthier skin, since water flushes out the toxins that may be in your pores. Those who drink more water can see these changes, such as Ashley Chavez (10) who says, “I recently have been drinking more water and have noticed that I feel more energized and have healthier skin”. Also, replacing drinking sugary drinks with water makes it easier to lose weight.

I recently have been drinking more water and have noticed that I feel more energized and have healthier skin.

— Ashley Chavez (10)

If drinking water has all these benefits, how much should you drink daily? Although there is not a universally accepted answer for this, it is usually recommended to drink about 91 ounces for women and 125 ounces for men, which is close to a gallon. This may seem unachievable, but it is easy to accomplish if you set goals or routines. For example, carry a jug of water that has markers to indicate how much water you should drink throughout the day. You can also try to drink a glass of water around every hour. There are many more ways to motivate yourself to drink more water, and once you do, you will notice and feel the results!

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Grecia Chavez, Photojournalist
Grecia Chavez is a sophomore at YLHS and new to the school newspaper. In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. She is part of the Yorba Linda Women’s Soccer Team. In the future, Grecia hopes to work in the business field. She is very excited to write articles for The Wrangler.

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