Bringing Meaning to Campus: Club Rush

Mabel Ra, Section Editor

Yorba Linda High School is home to a great number of clubs. These clubs, created from scratch by Mustangs themselves, are one way that students can bring meaning on campus. On campus, people associate school as a solely academic platform, but that is simply not the case. Clubs are the optimum outlet for students to get engaged on campus, pursuing their likes separate from sports, classes, and zero/seventh periods.

Clubs are an ideal way for students to express themselves. As student-run groups, Mustangs organize the clubs independently but each have teacher advisors. On campus, students can join clubs to explore their interests, learn new ideas, and collaborate with fellow students. YLHS offers a multitude of clubs ranging from athletic clubs, academic clubs, and special-interest clubs.

This past week, YLHS held its annual Club Rush Week. Club Rush Week consists of two days of lively lunch periods where clubs place themselves throughout the quad. An abundance of clubs participated this year to advertise their club to potential members. Some clubs that were presented include: Music Club, HOSA Club, Interact Club, Fashion Club, Bible Club, and Spanish Club, in addition to many more. Having the opportunity to promote their clubs allows students to interact with all the clubs available and determine which ones to join!

One such club is Recycle 4 Cause. This club is directed to environmentalists interested in keeping the planet in good shape. From volunteering at beach clean-ups, raising fundraisers to donate to non-profit environmental organizations, to providing classrooms with recycling bins, R4C is a club that seeks to incorporate reducing, reusing, and recycling into everyday lifestyles. President Daania Kalam (12) states, “Recycle 4 Cause allows people to understand the value of our environment, while also working to make an impact around campus.”

If there are no clubs that suit your interests, you have the ability to create a brand new club at YLHS! When Audrey Takenaga (11) wanted to share her enthusiasm in anime but noticed there were no existing anime clubs, she and her friends created Anime Club, “Clubs are little communities of similar interests where people can meet others, have fun, and maybe learn something.” If you would like to start your own club, contact Mrs. Rungy at the ASB office for more information.

All grade levels are free to join any club, at any time during the school year, so join a club that accommodates your interests and passions today!