Mustangs, Get Connected with YLHS!


Caitlyn Truong

Students can get involved by showing their Mustang pride and supporting the football team in the stable, such as during the YLHS vs. Esperanza game.

YLHS Video Productions

Caitlyn Truong, Photojournalist

Students are often unenthusiastic about school and miss out on school events. However, at Yorba Linda High School, students have countless opportunities to become involved. Mustang pride flows clearly throughout the student body. Becoming connected with the stampede is easy, simple, and truly appealing to every individual at YLHS.

The easiest way to connect is by following the YLHS social media accounts. These pages are run by the Associated Student Body (ASB) and are overseen by Mrs. Runge (Staff), the activities director, and Mr. Eliot (Staff), the technology representative at YLHS. These accounts post quick reminders, announcements, and information about upcoming events, spirit days, sports and more. Students looking to attend football games, for example, can look to these pages for times, locations and the color to wear to support the stable. YLHS can be followed at @ylhsmustangs on Instagram, @ylhigh on Twitter and @ylhigh on Facebook. Mustang Mix, the video announcements recapping school events, can be found on YouTube under the channel ylhsvideo.

Students, especially freshmen, can also be involved through the events and activities of Link Crew. Link Crew welcomes freshmen and guides them throughout their first year of high school. They organize several events, including movie nights and ice skating fundraisers, which students can attend and represent YLHS. Link Crew leader Mabel Ra (11) enjoys being part of the program and says, “Being in Link Crew has allowed me to share my Mustang pride to freshmen. It’s a great program to get involved in!”

The numerous clubs on campus are also a fun way to get involved. By meeting people with the same interests, students can share their ideas and plan events. YLHS offers fifty clubs; there is truly something for everyone, from Chess Club to Veterinary Care Club. Clubs allow students to meet new people, participate in activities they are passionate in and earn community service hours. Students who missed Club Rush or were not able to sign up for all the clubs they were interested in can still attend meetings, which are announced in the daily bulletin. An official list of all the clubs on campus can be found on

Between Yorba Linda High School’s numerous clubs, social media, leaders of Link Crew and countless programs, it is effortless to be connected. Being involved at school is gratifying and makes the high school experience altogether more enjoyable. Katelyn Birchfield (10), a member of Speech and Debate, Science Olympiad, PTSA Student Leadership and a member of multiple clubs, says, “Being involved at YLHS makes me love this school and allows me to explore my interests.” Show your Mustang pride by getting connected with YLHS!