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The Rise of Bows: What is the cause?

Kailey Dinh
Here is a photo of Kailey looking absolutely adorable with her bow!

It seems as though 2023 was the year of girl-power. Together we cried during the Barbie movie, danced to Taylor Swift as the Eras Tour made history, and decorated practically everything in sight with bows. In fact, it seems as though bows are inescapable recently. You may have seen people around school wearing bows in their hair, wearing bow jewelry, having bows tied to their keys, having bow decor around their cars, having nail designs with tiny bows on them, and more.  Although I love all of these “girly” trends and find them to be absolutely adorable, I cannot help but wonder why bows have ascended to trendiness.

Of course, bows have been around for a long time. Going all the way back to the sixteenth century, the hair ribbon has been worn around the globe. If you look at images of Marie Antionette’s wardrobe, you will find that the iconic historical figure was also seen frequently rocking the classic bow on her beautiful gowns. Not only that, but Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty are arguably two of the most recognizable characters of all time, and they are never spotted without a bow! Even thinking about an iconic look from one of the most famous women ever, Marilyn Monroe, her bow dress is still recognized today. It is undoubtedly true that the bow has been a major fashion item for a long time, but what is the cause for its recent rise in popularity?

Some may argue that the rise of bows can be credited to celebrities such as Gracie Abrams, who has been known to wear bows often. In fact, when I went to see the Eras Tour, I wore a bow in my hair to support Gracie since she was an opener for my show! Other artists like Sabrina Carpenter have also been known to incorporate the hair ribbon to her outfits. However, I believe Sabrina is partaking in the trend rather than bringing it to life. Even singers like Olivia Rodigo have been associated with bows, as in the last year she came out with a song “Lacy” that talks about a girl named Lacy with ribbons in her hair.

Or, certain trending aesthetics such as the coquette fashion aesthetic could also be a factor in why bows are now being seen everywhere.

I believe that the rise of popularity for bows can be at least partially credited to the comfort found in nostalgia. As we grow up, elements of our childhood are left behind. Personally, I always love to incorporate any little items or routines into my day to day life that remind me of my childhood, such as using these cute animal erasers or listening to the music that I used to. Of course, many young girls used to wear bows, and I think that since the clothing item is so dainty and youthful it reminds people of when they used to wear them as a child. It brings a sense of security and innocence and is also seen as adorable. I also think that with the bow comes a sense of unity in this idea surrounding girlhood, and girls everywhere have found themselves a common interest. I also think that since bows are so easy to make and put in your hair or wherever you want to, it is not an exclusive trend and anyone has the chance to partake in it (which I love).

My favorite part of the trend is seeing all of the other teenage girls wearing bows and feeling a sense of connection with them.

— Kailey Dinh (11)

Kailey Dinh (11), is a lover of the bow trend and always has her bow perfectly matching her outfit. She shared that her “favorite part of the trend is seeing all of the other teenage girls wearing bows and feeling a sense of connection with them.” This trend kind of reminds me of how in the Barbie movie, all of the Barbies greet each other with the saying “hi Barbie!” It is a uniting factor that brings girls together everywhere. I see it as girls embracing their femininity and using it as a way to be proud of being a woman. 

I feel that in the last year, I have seen a lot of people being especially proud to be a woman and of what accomplishments other women are accomplishing. Although trends like wearing bows in your hair may seem silly and insignificant, it means so much more than it appears. The bow unites people who wear it and shows that being a woman is something to take pride in. As Kailey Dinh once said, “2024THEBOWS!”

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Mylie Brown, Photojournalist
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