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Why is Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ so popular?
Yahoo News
An image of who Bazaar News defines as “the bona fide Queen of Christmas,” Mariah Carey ( She is seen here performing at a 2020 concert in Madison Square Garden, New York.

With Christmas right around the corner, it is a time when people come together to celebrate by giving and receiving presents, eating, and listening to Christmas music. Throughout the years, numerous hit songs have been such as ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Carol of the Bells,’ but probably the most iconic one is Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas is You.”


Released in 1994, this Christmas song has been going strong for almost 30 years. You can hear it anywhere during Christmas, as it is too much of an iconic song to let slip up. Although there are many other popular Christmas songs, people always enjoy this song the most. So why is it so popular? It’s likely because a famous person sang it or it is generally a good song. While some may think this is a beautiful song, others say otherwise. I have a friend who works in retail, and she had this to say about the iconic song.“I work in retail, and oh God, if I hear this song one more time, my head will explode,” says Josephine Lin (11).

I work in retail, and oh God, if I hear this song one more time, my head will explode

— Josephine Lin (11)


It’s pretty funny, a song most people consider fun to listen to, while others can’t stand it. I don’t have much opinion on the song, but I often hear it a lot around Christmas time, and it can be pretty repetitive. There are many Christmas songs, but it is understandable why ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ is people’s number one Christmas song. It is joyful and exciting, and Mariah sings with such passion that it is hard for many not to vibe along to it.


Even though this song is number one on the list of Christmas songs, quite a few songs could also easily steal the spotlight. Songs such as ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘Underneath the Tree’ are also trendy this time. These songs have great lyrics and beat to them, which puts them in competition with ‘Last Christmas.’


Overall, ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is so popular for all these reasons. It is a song many people can enjoy, giving you a nice happy feeling. You can never go wrong with the classics, after all.

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Rishika Puri, Photojournalist
Rishika Puri is a junior at Yorba Linda High School. It is her second year in The Wrangler, and she looks forward to another great year. Her favorite subject is language arts; she enjoys creative reading and writing. She enjoys gymnastics, swimming, writing, and playing video games in her free time. This year, she wants to form a club and get more involved. She has plans to attend a Cal State or UC college and aspires to become a political journalist. Rishika is excited to start a new year and try new things.

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