Student Spotlight: Rianna Patel


Rianna Patel

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

With her sophomore year coming to a close and her junior year almost beginning, Rianna Patel’s high school achievements are already above and beyond impressive. With her amazing passion in everything she does and her driven personality, Rianna can truly do anything she wants to do. So far, during her high school career she has accomplished plenty and it has been very stressful, but there is nothing this tremendous student, athlete, and volunteer cant conquer.


As a freshman, Rianna was on the Frosh/Soph volleyball team and had been playing for years before. This year, she decided to get out of her comfort zone and try something new. She is currently a member of the track team where she competes Varsity level as a hurdler. With hurdles being a fairly new sport for her, Rianna states,”At first I didn’t know what was expected of me, so the first couple months I was really nervous.” Although she says it was nerve-wracking at first, no one would ever know she lacked even a bit of confidence. Even with that little drawback, Rianna’s perseverance helped her to become one of the top competitors in her event and admired greatly by the coaches. Rianna is quite busy, but her passion in the sport she plays has kept her to be proficient.


Along with excelling at track and volleyball, Rianna is also a great student. Her workload is very heavy and sports take up plenty of her time, but she puts her mind to what she needs to do and gets it done. She has been in CSF since she was a freshman and is in NHS this year, showing that she is very dedicated. Rianna’s drive to do well in everything has kept her with impressive grades and an above average GPA of 4.3.


Where Rianna really shines is with her generosity and care for the community. Rianna volunteers 2 times a week at 2 different places. She volunteers at “Big Sister” and acts as a mentor for one child chosen to be her “little brother”. She also works at the Blind Children’s Learning Center, where helps blind children with homework, projects, or just talks to them to help them feel like they are in a safe place.


Rianna Patel is an all-around exceptional student, athlete, and member of her community. She excels both in school and outside of school, and she is headed in the right direction for the future.