Yorba Linda Mustangs Men’s Varsity Lacrosse

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

Throughout the past four seasons, the men’s varsity lacrosse team has received the attention of many local and out of state schools. Their success in the Century League has been nothing short of astonishing; awarded league champs since 2013, they are projected to win the title once again at the conclusion of the 2017 season. Moreover, for the first time in school history, the Mustangs are included on the list of top ten teams in California. Nationally, however, they are currently ranked 190th among the top schools around the country.


With this new accomplishment, the sky’s the limit for the team in which has now become a powerhouse throughout the state of California. Holding a record of six wins and two losses in league and division games, the team is having one of their best seasons in the past years. Tyler Krause (10), a second year attacking starter, believes “we can go farther in CIF this year, and be able to get past the third round for the first time.” Advancing to CIF the past two consecutive years, it is foreseen that coach Mike Schreiber will once again be able to take this team to the big dance. Coaching at Yorba Linda High School since 2010, coach Schreiber has instilled through all his players, lessons in which can be put in place on and off the playing field.


Although most people do not fully comprehend the complex sport in which is spreading rapidly throughout our country, Zac Hardison (10), a stand out starting midfielder, knows the “aggression, passion, and brotherhood” which is gained through the participation in this sport. It is seen through it vast amount of intricacy and tranquility, that the sport is indeed not meant for everyone; however, for the participants, it has an impact on their lives like no other. Through work ethic and perseverance, Ashton Matthews (10), star starting defender, has formed a “strong relationship with [his] teammates, and coaches.” It is taught throughout the sport that no matter the how many times you win or lose, the game “teaches a high level of respect for the game, yourself, and others.” Thus, all the success from the past and present seasons has come from this philosophy in which the team lives by each and every day.
As seen through a wide variety of sports, being the youngest players on a roster can produce nerves and anxiety at the varsity level. However, Ryan Henry (9), star faceoff starter, is one among the five freshmen that occupy the 2017 varsity roster. He has realized that “as a freshman on varsity lacrosse, I enjoy learning from my superiors. They have taught me to ward hard and give everything I got.” The men’s varsity lacrosse team is a team in which has the capability to do amazing things, from going far in CIF, to shaping the underclassmen into stellar players and people, there is no getting in the way of this extraordinary group of men.