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Is This The Thanks We Get, Disney?

Controversy Surrounds Villain Song from “Wish”
NBC News
Chris Pine starring in the new Disney movie “Wish” displaying his magical powers to the viewers. Chris Pine plays the villain, King Magnifico, who sings the controversial song in the movie.

In the enchanting world of Disney, where magic and wonder come to life, controversy surrounds the highly anticipated and newly released movie, “Wish.” The source of this controversy? A new villain song that has sparked debate and disappointment among Disney enthusiasts worldwide.

The controversy centers around the villain song, “This Is The Thanks I Get”, which was promoted to be a highlight of the film’s soundtrack. Traditionally, Disney villain songs have been celebrated for their haunting melodies, clever lyrics, and powerful looming voices that leave a lasting impression on the audience. However, “Wish” seems to have taken a different turn, leaving fans disappointed and unimpressed with the ballad.

Disney made up a lot of my childhood. To see them write a song that lacks the usual creativity was just disappointing

— Nathan Song (10)

The song titled “This Is The Thanks I Get” reportedly deviates from the usual charm associated with Disney villain tunes. Instead of the catchy and often darkly humorous songs that fans have come to love, “This Is The Thanks I Get” is said to be cringy and not as creative as other villain songs. Many argue that the song is lacking in many categories, such as the lyrics, melody, and storytelling.

Disney, known for its meticulous storytelling and attention to audience preferences, has left fans wondering about the company’s creative direction. The controversy has prompted a wave of social media discussions, with fans expressing their disappointment and concern over the departure from the classic Disney formula.

Nathan, an annual Disneyland pass holder and Disney fan said, “Disney made up a lot of my childhood. To see them write a song that lacks the usual creativity was just disappointing” (Nathan Song 10). 

Despite the backlash, some argue that Disney is just evolving with the times, exploring new themes and styles to appeal to a specific audience. It’s no secret that the entertainment landscape is changing, and Disney, as an industry giant, may be attempting to stay relevant and resonate with a more diverse audience.

The studio has yet to officially respond to the controversy, leaving fans wondering if this is truly the direction Disney is taking. Many fans have responded negatively to the song purely because of the cliche lyrics. Will more upcoming Disney movies continue with this same theme?

As the debate rages on, one thing is certain: “This Is The Thanks I Get” has become the focal point of a larger discussion about the future of Disney. Is this the thanks we get, Disney, for years of loyalty and love? Only time will tell if the controversy surrounding “Wish” will continue throughout the future of the Disney movie franchise.

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