A Relic From the Past Makes its Comeback


Courtesy of Wired.com

The revamped Nokia 3310.

Stephen Serrano, Photojournalist

Nokia is making a comeback to this year’s line of tech. The coolest phone of the 2000’s is soon to be available for purchase in 2017, better than ever! That’s right you read correctly, the “brick phone” is back in business. Initially, the Nokia 3310 model was released on September 1, 2000. One of the most astounding features of this phone was the indestructible exterior. With its revolutionary ringtone and the game “Snake”, an updated version of this phone is close at hand. This phone has some modernized upgrades which include the battery longevity, width of the phone, slender screen, cheap price, and the Snake game.


Phones on the market nowadays only have a battery life of about 10 hours on a full charge. The new Nokia 3310 puts that to shame, which is expected to have a battery life of an entire month! This phone, in particular, can be a great starter phone for young children who do not have the responsibility to charge their phone regularly.


Another stunning feature is its size. Many phones on the market are too big for pockets in regular pants. Thanks to the Nokia 3310’s thin width, it will be more accessible, portable, and will be able to fit in pockets.


Additionally, big screens aren’t everything in phones. Even though the screen resolution is not up to par with most smartphones, it will have to accommodate for the small size. Along with its small, 2.5-inch screen, there will be a huge decrease in eye irritation due to its brightness and pixel size.


The commotion of the Snake game is not just all talk. It is one of the first mobile games to be featured on a cellphone and it is making its return. Not only is the Snake game sentimental, it was very much part of old mobile gaming. Furthermore, the Snake game now has an updated layout, while still staying true to its roots and distinction.
To top it all off, the mind-blowing price of this starter phone is just $40. All of the features make up for this price and no one can go wrong with this amazing deal. Ryan Bui (9) agrees saying, “to be honest, I would totally recommend this phone to kids because I used to be irresponsible with my devices.” All in all, the new Nokia 3310 is a nostalgic relic has been revamped in 2017.