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BeYOUtiful: Recap of You Matter Week

Colorful “You Matter” messages were taped across the YLHS courtyard to spread kindness and inspiration. (Milla Jans)

Sometimes, it takes more than a voice to say, “I matter.” Numerous students have difficulty being comfortable with themselves and coming to terms with the fact that they matter. Whether it’s a fear of being seen as self-centered or feeling as though your values are below everyone else’s, it is beneficial to put yourself before others at times. While this isn’t always possible, we must hold love and respect for ourselves to live rather than to survive. Without valuing who you are, it is nearly impossible to appreciate your friends, family, and peers as well. You matter, as well as your dreams, feelings, wants, and needs. Yorba Linda High School’s annual “You Matter Week” instilled this sentiment in the student body by creating a butterfly effect of positivity.

ASB passed out flowers to students for You Matter Week and brought happiness along with each one. (Milla Jans)

You Matter Week took place from November 13 to November 17. ASB devised fun activities for each day of that week to make students of Yorba Linda High School feel appreciated, as follows:

November 13: Wear workout clothes and write positive affirmations to yourself

November 14: Practice self-care, wear comfortable clothes, bring a stuffed animal to school, and receive a donut

November 15: Wear green to symbolize green flags; fresh flower giveaway along with positive messages during lunch

November 16: Twin with a friend or group to represent that we’re all in this together; students also received candy

November 17: Wear Mustang Pride to show that every Mustang matters; drink lemonade at lunch

Each day brought encouragement and joy to the campus. Sophia Dufour (10) states, “Some things that matter to me are my friends, family, grades, and school. I think You Matter Week was a fun way to appreciate us and what matters to us.”

Some things that matter to me are my friends, family, grades, and school. I think You Matter Week was a fun way to appreciate us and what matters to us.

— Sophia Dufour (10)

Although this week has passed, everyone can still find ways to maintain the mindset that they matter. For instance, you can take a much-needed break on the weekends, spend a relaxing day with friends or family, or even take the time to do what you love. 

November is a time during the school year when students start to feel stress due to trying to balance school work and exams with extracurricular activities and their social lives. Present teens tend to feel more pressure than in past periods, and that feeling can lead to sleep deprivation and an increase in poor mental health. To counter stress, remember that you matter and should place your well-being above anything else. Other ways to show love for yourself include reflecting on your life, ensuring that you have good physical and mental health, and being kind to yourself.

Of course, these steps taken to preserve your happiness not only benefit you but can also positively affect the people around you. Your inner monologue, whether positive or negative, can subconsciously affect yourself and others. You Matter Week allowed students to take the time to appreciate themselves and their peers, and much love was passed on because of it. 

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About the Contributor
Milla Jans, Editor
Milla is a sophomore at Yorba Linda High School and is currently an editor for The Wrangler. In the upcoming years she will be working towards her goal of writing and publishing a book. Milla’s other aspirations in life include obtaining a law degree and opening a business. In her spare time she reads, listens to music, writes poetry, and practices her self-taught drawing skills. She hopes to adopt a cat one day and travel to other countries including Iceland, Poland, and Quebec to learn more about their cultures. Milla plans on making her remaining years at YLHS meaningful and fun and is excited for her second year at The Wrangler.

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