Student Spotlight: Katrina Wynn

Katrina with her friends, Maddy Ho and Karissa Dole, at Disneyland for orchestra.

Photo Courtesy of Sophie Chen

Katrina with her friends, Maddy Ho and Karissa Dole, at Disneyland for orchestra.

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

Katrina Wynn, for one, is truly engaged in Yorba Linda High School. She is involved in orchestra, volleyball and art outside of YLHS, and dance in school.

Currently, she participates in the intermediate dance class at YLHS. Her experience from the dance class here at Yorba Linda High School has influenced her to keep on dancing. Dance has been an on and off thing for Katrina since kindergarten, and she feels as it’s such a fun way to express herself and enjoy moving to the beat. Outside of school, Katrina does art and volleyball. Her love for art started at a young age and she has been continuing to do art ever since. She has a high passion for painting and finds relaxation when doing this for hours and hours on end. While volleyball, which is also outside of school, started in the eighth grade. In which, she will soon be playing for “act” this upcoming season. She definitely enjoys playing volleyball now as she still remains to play as an extracurricular activity.

To get involved in her community, she has been doing girl scouts ever since kindergarten because she has a love for being able to give back to her own community. Other than that, her contribution to her own community benefits her as she currently has 100+ hours of community service from key club to the public library, and her girl scouts combined. She explains how she will surely keep pushing herself to do even more for her community to help. For future experiences, she hopes to be able to volunteer at St. Jude hospital for the next couple of years because she is immensely interested in pediatrics and helping the people in need.

Katrina has been well involved in orchestra since she was in the fifth grade. She is avid when playing the violin and believes it is to her amusement to play this instrument, especially when she plays the songs she knows and enjoys. In addition, her involvement in orchestra has gotten her through many friendships. This year so far has been a wild but amusing time for her, especially as the Winter Holiday Concert is coming up. This will take place Tuesday, December 13th at seven o’clock in the YLHS Gym. Admission is free and orchestra will be joined by band and choir!

In next coming years, she is aiming to attend a UC school and then follow up by attending a medical school to become a pediatrician because that was her plan since she was seven years old. Delaney Pietsch (10) explains, “Katrina and I have been friends for a while and she really shows determination and creativity. She is also a really sweet, caring, and loyal.” YLHS continues to show the world that students here are quite exceptional and compelling, and Katrina Wynn is an example of one of these students.