Yorba Linda High School’s Programs for Programmers

Mr. Eliot’s Classes

Computer Science 
(Photograph from Google)

Computer Science (Photograph from Google)

Wayne Chan, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School has many classes regarding computers, programming, animations and other similar subjects pertaining to technology. Mr. Eliot teaches the advanced placement computer science curriculum, mobile apps, and animation.

In the AP computer science curriculum, students learn to use JAVA and prepare for the AP test at the end of the year. However, the class also requires students to think in different ways and  try varying approaches to solve an issue. Mr. Eliot (Staff) says that

“computer science is the best thing you can do, the reason why is because you combine math, science, arts, and logic to overcome difficulties.”

AP computer science is a curriculum worth exploring because knowledge like this has a growing relevance in modern society. Having a profound comprehension of computer science can present many occupational opportunities like programmer, app developer, etc.

Mr. Eliot also teaches mobile app development and animation. Here, students learn to use their phones to code, program, and the process of app development. It is a great initiative, and students learn tremendously through the course. For animation, Mr Eliot teaches students to use programs to generate two dimensional and three dimensional art.

For those uncertain on whether Mr. Eliot’s curricula truly caters to their interests, consider attending An Hour of Coding. An Hour of Code is as it sounds. From December 5th to December 8th, students can go to Mr. Eliot’s computer lab and learn coding for an hour. An Hour of Code is an international event that occurs annually across approximately 180 nations worldwide. This event takes place every year at the second week of December, so any students that cannot attend this year’s An Hour of Coding can consider making an attendance next year. The goal of the event is to try to expose as many adolescents to coding as possible. Mr. Eliot encourages his students to invite their peers to the event and engage with them in learning how to code. AP computer science students can also assist in teaching others during An Hour of Code. This year, the students at the event learn how to use computer codes to generate art at the leisure of their creativity. Students use the coding to create a binary tree of different patterns and arrangements appealing to the eye.

Students of YLHS have been presented great opportunities, and it would be advantageous for students to explore and consider the curriculum.