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Romance Manga Recommendations

Morishita Suu
A manga series titled “A Sign of Affection,” written by Morishita Suu.

Romance is a genre that will never get old in the world of fiction, even in mangas, Japanese comics, or stories. It is something that people can’t help but yearn for and find happiness in. Commonly in romance mangas, there are many fluffy and wholesome stories that are shared. They have a connection that one will never experience in real life. According to Melody Choi (9), “The thing I like about romance manga is that if done really well you can see both characters growing together and truly seeing their love grow is really satisfying if done well.” Here are some romance manga recommendations that not only have beautiful art, but also a well-written story.

The thing I like about romance manga is that if done really well you can see both characters growing together and truly seeing their love grow is really satisfying if done well.

— Melody Choi (9)

A Sign of Affection – Yubisaki to Renren
If there is one word to describe this manga, it is simply wholesome. Yuki is a typical college student, she enjoys going on social media, hanging out with her friends, and shopping. However, there’s just one thing that differentiates her from everyone else-Yuki is unable to hear. One day Yuki is on a train and happens to run into a friend of a friend, Itsuomi, a man who loves to travel the world and learn all new types of languages and cultures. If there is one phrase to describe Itsuomi, it is that he is a literal “walking green flag”. He started getting interested in learning “Yuki’s world”, and hoped to learn more about her, which also includes learning sign language. After meeting each other, they grow a close bond and widen their knowledge of the world even more. Truly this manga has an incredible art style, a perfect main character, one of the best male leads, and an amazing plot with no boring moments.

In the Clear Moonlit Dusk – Uruwashi No Yoi No Tsuki
Yoi is a girl, yet she is always referred to by others as “prince.” Despite simply wanting to live a normal life as all the other females do, the people around her always treated her like a hero in a girls’ manga. Ichimura, a male who is also referred to as “prince” meets Yoi and falls in love at first sight. Despite both being considered princes, their personalities are quite literally polar opposites. Although this manga has a somewhat typical plot between a playboy and a straightforward, shy student, the stunning visuals make up for it.

It Takes More than a Pretty Face to Fall in Love – Kao Dake ja Suki ni Narimasen
Chiken Sana, an incoming freshman, chose to attend Minowa Sougou High School for its flexible school policies. Not only that, it was rumored that her “eye candy,” Ugou Kanato, attends the same school. Through some coincidences, she meets him and gets pulled into a deal between him and the principal. Since Ugou Kanato happened to be failing school, the principal made a deal with him, if he reached a certain number of followers on Instagram to encourage more students to go to Minowa Sougou High School, he wouldn’t be kicked out. There’s just one thing, despite having a beautiful face, Uguo Kanato happens to have horrible photo-taking skills, and that is where Chicken Sana comes in. Overall this manga has a decent plot and amazing art, that just simply blesses your eyes.

A Condition Called Love – Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai
Hotaru is a girl in high school who simply doesn’t have any opinions on love. One day, she sees her schoolmate, Hananoi, sitting in the snow after a messy, public breakup, she thinks nothing of it and offers to share her umbrella with him. The following day, he asks her out in the middle of her classroom. At the start of the manga, Hananoi could be considered a red flag, but throughout the story, he goes through good character development. Overall this manga is very fluffy with a healthy relationship and great communication.

You’re My Cutie – Kawaii nante kiitenai
Madoka is a big fan of shoujo manga, specifically ones that feature a younger, innocent, and cute guy. One day, a gorgeous man named Shikura gets hired as a part-time worker at Madoka’s parents’ diner. His visuals were simply perfect, but there was one thing about him that Madoka swore she would never like him for: his rude personality. Throughout the story, there are glimpses of his cute personality hiding behind the wall of bad temper, and Madoka is going back on her word: how could she not like someone as adorable as him?

Ran the Peerless Beauty – Takane no Ran-san
This is a sweet and heartwarming story that surrounds Ran, a girl who is called the “mountaintop flower” since she is beautiful, at the top of her class, and people are simply too intimidated to come close to her. It was said that no boy on Earth would attempt their hand with her, except Akira. Both of the leads are shy but are mature, supportive, and respectful of each other’s boundaries. This manga is an innocent love story without too much annoying drama.

Lovesick Ellie – Koi Wazurai no Ellie
Eriko is a shy girl who typically spends her high school days alone. She enjoys spending her time watching a sweet and popular boy, Ohmi from afar and tweeting her daily love fantasies under the screen name “Lovesick Ellie.” One day, she happens to come across Ohmi’s true self, and it is totally different from his regular image of a kind boy. Not to mention, he found out about all of her questionable tweets! Although this manga can give you secondhand embarrassment at times, it truly is a cute story with a dorky couple.

The Most Immature Love in the World – Sekai De Ichiban Itaranu Koi
This short manga follows two characters Mirai and Tooru. Mirai is considered to be a beautiful girl, yet she doesn’t have any friends because of her gloomy gloomy attitude. Tooru, despite being handsome, elegant, and smart, also doesn’t have any friends due to his high family status. Tooru has very little awareness of how average people truly live, so Mirai assists him at times, and they end up having a closer relationship. This story doesn’t have any annoying characters that get in the way and there are very sweet interactions between the two leads.

More Than You Can Handle Boyfriend – Miniamaru Kareshi
Most teenage girls have fallen in love at least once in their life. Iroha on the other hand has never until she came across her classmate, Kusakabe, a boy who seems to know a lot about love. She immediately falls in love with him and they start dating. Days following, Iroha learns Kusakabe’s secret, he has a concerning obsession with every partner he has ever been with, including her. Although this manga is very quick-paced, the development of the two’s relationship is truly adorable and Kusakabe learns what true love really is.

To Say The Least, This is Love – Hikaeme ni Itte mo, Kore wa Ai
This manga follows a serious student named Risa. One day, she saves a wounded delinquent, Zen, on her way home from cram school, and all of a sudden, he starts following her around every day hoping to repay her act of kindness. Zen isn’t your typical delinquent. He is always willing to sacrifice himself for his friends and loved ones and will never break a promise. It is a cliché story between a smart and straightforward female lead with a kind delinquent, but the two truly have the cutest relationship with each other.

Sakura’s Dedication – Sakura Wa Watashi Wo Sukisugiru
Kiwa, the female lead, finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her and decides to dump him. She starts to question if there are still any good boys left in the world, and that’s when one of her classmates, Sakura, confesses to her. Kiwa rejects him, but every day he continues to pursue her, and by the end of the first chapter, she accepts his offer. Although the story is not completed yet, this manga consists of honest feelings with little to no miscommunication alongside no angst.

Overall, though there are so many romance mangas in the world to read, these are very good ones that you should consider reading sometime.

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