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Anita Tun
Anita Tun is enthusiastic for her second year at Yorba Linda High School as a sophomore. She is most eager about the activities and plans of her first year in ASB and Newspaper; however this experience may come to a halt because of Covid-19, but she is still optimistic for the school year. At school, she is an officer in PTSA, Interact club, Key Club, and is a member of the Political Social Activist club and Change a Lost Life club. Additionally, she is involved with Yorba Linda High School’s women’s volleyball and basketball program, and her favorite memories are the team bonding events. In the future, she aspires to find an occupation that is a mixture of her two passions, politics, and helping others. Therefore, she pursues to find a job at UNICEF since it is a combination of international relations and advocating for human rights. Currently, she is spending her time learning new things, and she has learned to sew and is learning French. However, when she wants to relax, she loves watching an action-packed movie or to cook a meal for her family.

Anita Tun, Photojournalist

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Anita Tun