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Zachary Ninomiya
Zachary Ninomiya is a senior at Yorba Linda High School.  This is his second year working as a cartoonist and his first year working as an editor for The Wrangler. He is excited to contribute to The Wrangler again, and he is hoping that this experience will improve both his storytelling and his art.  Zachary has been drawing all his life, but he’s been focusing on art for five years now. His preferred tools are ink, watercolor, graphite, and oil paint, but he prefers to make comics digitally, as he believes that it’s easier. Adding to this, Zachary has decided to immerse himself in the arts for his senior year, with classes such as ceramics, photography, and animation filling up his schedule.  In his free time, Zachary can be found sketching, procrastinating, hating tennis shoes, and wearing red. After high school, he aspires to enter the field of pre-production for animated cartoons, so he can continue to tell stories to others.

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor/Cartoonist

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