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Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor

October 21, 2014

Everyone has heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Someone gets challenged by their friends to either donate $10 to ALS research and dump a bucket of ice water on their head or donate $100 within 24 hours. Since its inception, the ALS Association has raised over $115 million in donations and an immense...

The New SAT: Love it or Leave it?

The New SAT: Love it or Leave it?

Leah Heyman, Features Editor

October 16, 2014

Yes, I am tackling the topic of the redesigned SAT; and yes, I am getting into the nitty gritty of this new dazzling test. To any readers still with me after reading the title of this article: brace yourself.   If you are still reading this, (thanks) I sincerely hope that you have realized...

Battle of the Scariest Theme Parks

From top to bottom: courtesy of,,,

Pauline Ngo, Photojournalist

October 15, 2014

There are numerous theme parks in Southern California that transform into a frightening, disturbing theme park during the month of October. However, we’ll focus on Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights—the most popular according to students at YLHS.   This year, Knott’s completely reinvi...

Guys, That’s Not Dancing…

Guys, That’s Not Dancing...

Nathan Shube, A & E Editor

October 13, 2014

With Homecoming on the horizon, a lot of peoples’ minds are consumed with so many things: who to ask, how to ask, what to wear, where to go for dinner, who to hang with, and infinitely more questions… But one question that isn’t being asked, but should be is, “How am I going to dance?” The...

Voices of 9/11

Voices of 9/11

Nikita Kheni, Photojournalist

September 26, 2014

The voice on the other end of the phone. The cry in the darkness. The flag raised amid death and devastation. Some of these are the tales of ordinary people who were caught in extraordinary situations; the people who became a symbol of hope, comfort, and love for the nation that was grieving. There ...

Republican Takeover?

Only three senate races are still toss ups, however some like Colorado, North Carolina, and Arkansas are still in play

Jace Jenican, Editor of Opinions

September 25, 2014

Labor day just passed so that means two things: you can’t wear white anymore and it’s time for election season. For politicians, every season is election season. But for the political laymen, these next few weeks will be full of political ads interrupting Honey Boo-Boo and campaign flyers litter...

Can Frozen Fever Kill You?

Frozen sequel expected to be released in Spring 2015

Ashley Niu and Lily Rajaee

September 25, 2014

YES-Ashley Niu Do you have a Frozen Heart? Well, that doesn’t mean you’re cruel or narrow-minded, just simply that you sing and play on repeat every day to “Let It Go” and“Do you want to build a snowman?”. And you definitely adore Olaf, the oblivious, warm-hearted and singing snowman....

“The Fault in Our Stars” Movie Review

Heather Gammon, Co-Editor-in-Chief

June 19, 2014

Overall, I'd give The Fault In Our Stars  a solid "B."   For starters, I certainly enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the streets of Amsterdam. Such sights of splendor effortlessly lent themselves to the intense romantic mood. In contrast, however, the bleak scenes at the hospital and at h...

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