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Learning At Home

The desk belongs to a student who does online school as a result of the coronavirus.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

April 3, 2020

As the coronavirus spreads rapidly, many school districts have taken action to continue educating their students and move to more online means of teaching. Teachers at YLHS have been working hard to provide a seamless transition to homeschooling. While teachers may be doing their part, is it safe to...

PYLUSD and the Coronavirus

When Governor Gavin Newsom ordered Californians to remain at home, New York Times describes it as the “most drastic measure” of any state governor to suppress the Coronavirus.

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist

April 3, 2020

Schools pose a significant health risk to the population, as the Coronavirus is “spread mainly” through “person-to-person contact” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Infected respiratory droplets are more likely to contact others in large gatherings, endangering schools such as YLH...

Sniffle Season

Tissues are essential during the spring season, and many classes such as room 335 contain at least one box.

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist

April 3, 2020

On March 19, the official arrival of spring brings seasonal phenomena that many can look forward to. In the coming months, the season brings warmer weather, new plant life, and the much anticipated spring break. Conversely, spring also means finals, the revival of dormant insects, and of course, spring ...

High School Graduation Bucket List

High school bucket List ideas for seniors

Priscilla Kim, Photojournalist

April 3, 2020

Looking at life after high school can be daunting as the end of senior year approaches. Not only will there be changes, but for the first time most students will have the most independence they will ever have to build new lives on their own terms. Friends or even acquaintances will be moving around the count...

Best of Acai Bowls in Orange County

An illustration of the iconic acai bowl, topped with granola, bananas, and strawberries.

Riley Pietsch, Photojournalist

April 3, 2020

As the summer season nears, cold foods regain their popularity. Popsicles by the beach, watermelon by the pool, and more recently, acai bowls on the pier. Acai bowls have gained popularity, as they are both a sweet and healthy treat. The Brazilian dish is served in a smoothie bowl or glass and is composed o...

Just A Little Tease

With the recent out-break of the Coronavirus, people are worried about traveling far from home. Luckily there are plenty of activities to do just in our backyard.

Abbie Muther, Photojournalist

March 20, 2020

Spring Break is three weeks away, and students are already getting excited. It is the start of the countdown to summer. The weather is finally warmer, and it's brighter out longer. But the question still stands, what are students going to do over break? Some people are out of town for spring break...

Fun For All Seasons

Pictured here is the Canyon Lodge at Mammoth Mountain in California.

Madison Liao, Guest Writer

March 19, 2020

Mammoth Lakes is a small, beautiful town in Central California where teenagers and their families can make unforgettable memories in both winter and summer time.                                                                      On average, driving to Mammoth Lakes from Or...

Always Choose Boost

Words affect our daily mental health and how we live our lives more than most think.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

March 11, 2020

Words. The complex thing we are taught at a young age to use to communicate such as “hello,” “goodbye,” “I’m happy,” or “I’m sad.” From speaking to our parents through language or reading this very sentence, words make up our world and give humans a way to express themselves, docu...

Don’t Stress, They’re Just Some Tests

AP exams can be stressful if students do not properly prepare for them.

Caitlyn Truong, Editor-in-Chief

March 10, 2020

May is the month of spring, flowers, and absolute panic from AP students and teachers alike as they prepare for the event they have been anticipating since August: AP tests. While many students may feel stress to the point of discouragement, their efforts should not dwindle as they near the finish line. W...

Raising Cane’s comes to Anaheim Hills

New Raising Cane's comes to Anaheim Hills

Priscilla Kim, Photojournalist

February 28, 2020

Raising Cane’s has been all the craze for the past few years with its menu consisting of chicken fingers, texas toast, crinkle-cut fries, coleslaw, and their famous Cane’s sauce. But with its simple menu, where does all the popularity of this restaurant stem from? Raising Cane’s originated as a college dre...

Competing to be the Next Mustang Idol

Family and friends take their seats as this custom Mustang Idol logo shines on the curtain.

Emma Khamo, Section Editor

February 25, 2020

On Friday, February, 14, parents, students, teachers, and friends filled the Forum as 16 of our school’s most talented singers competed to be the winner of Mustang Idol. This singing competition is put on by our theater department and is directed by Mrs. Cathy Petz. Seniors, Elyse Bell (12) and Julia Massey (1...

Can We Expect a 2020 Super Bloom?

The 2019 super bloom of Walker Canyon was so vibrant that it could be seen from space; this image was taken by WorldView-2 Satellite.

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist

February 25, 2020

Sometimes it can be hard for Southern Californians to admit that they live in a desert. Nonetheless, residents of the region have grown accustomed to dry weather, drought, mudslides, and the occasional wildfire. Karyss Park (9) says that living in “constant sunny weather is nice…[but] sometimes the heat a...

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