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Passing the Banner: From One Cartoonist to the Next

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor/Cartoonist June 8, 2020

To Whom It May Concern,   If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve shown interest in the job of “cartoonist” for The Wrangler.  This article is not meant to scare you away from...

We are more than the tragic children that society seems to think we are.

Why We Are More Than America’s Next Favorite Tragedy

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor June 4, 2020

It is no small fact that nearly everyone loves a good tragedy.  News outlets know that tragedy creates interesting stories; this interest, in turn, allows the stories to spread quickly throughout the...

This is my personal interpretation of how senioritis feels.  Weighed down by a lack of excitement and motivation, the world appears drab and grey.

Senioritis: The Pattern Before the Pandemic

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor May 13, 2020

As students progress through twelfth grade, they often become afflicted by an ailment.  This ailment is characterized by a general lack of motivation, displeasure with one’s current place in life, and...

Just as the sun shall rise again, normalcy shall return once more.  It’s only a matter of time.

From Everyone You’ve Stolen From

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor April 9, 2020

To COVID-19, It seems that you have been busy.  Infecting country after country, shutting down life as we know it, exposing the weaknesses and shortcomings of modern medicine. You’re changing the...

A dramatized glimpse of a hypothetically normal world.  The greyscale colors represent the monotony of a “normal” world.  Everyone simply exists, trying to fit in with each other, bustling by as part of their daily routine.

More than Normal

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor April 3, 2020

From the time we are young until the time of our deaths, society drills one major goal into our minds: be normal.  As a result, nearly everyone wants to be normal. Nearly everyone wants a normal life...

This is an illustration that represents my feelings when I’m faced with a stressful situation.  It feels like I’m about to jump off a cliff, without knowing what lurks below.  I can either turn away or jump, and there’s only one way to find out what’s at the bottom.

Brave Enough

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor February 26, 2020

I’ve always been good at running.  Turning away when the situation turns rough, being too afraid to experience what the world has to offer, giving up before daring to try, all of these are familiar...

To relieve some of her stress, Katrina La (12) drew this in the margins of a homework assignment.  Nonsensical and simplistic, it serves as a surreal testament to the power of free creativity.

The Passion of Doing

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor February 25, 2020

Everyone has the potential to do nearly anything they set their mind to. It’s an undisputed truth. With enough hard work and practice, anyone can easily belt out their favorite song, paint a beautiful...

The Playbill of Dear Evan Hansen where I saw it.  Even the outfit depicted on the Playbill carries heavy symbolism which becomes evident after seeing the musical.

To See Sky: The Central Lesson of Dear Evan Hansen

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor February 9, 2020

Disclaimer: The following article contains spoilers for Dear Evan Hansen.   Examining topics ranging from life with social anxiety to the consequences of deception, Dear Evan Hansen is a Tony-Award...

An example of typical characteristics of most memes.  These include text in the Impact font and supersaturated colors.  To do this, I took this old picture of a peacock and edited it using the free GIMP photo editing program.

More than Memeingless

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor January 7, 2020

Humanity’s fondness for surreal imagery has appeared time and time again throughout history.  Recently, with the rise of the Internet, this penchant for the peculiar has manifested itself in a new form—memes. ...

(From left to right) Michael Vino (11), Maxwell Greene (10), Alyssa Van (10), and Riley Pietenpol (12) link arms during an intense game of Spelling Bee. They wait in anticipation for the audience to suggest the next word for them to spell.

A Laugh to the Past: Comedy Sportz Takes the Stage

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor November 11, 2019

“Comedy Sportz HSL is a great opportunity for students to venture out of their comfort zone in a safe and friendly environment,” Ms. Petz (staff) explains, describing the benefits that this team grants...

With arms outstretched to defend the goal, Austin Dale (11) blocks an opposing shot.

Making A Splash! Spotlight on Men’s Water Polo

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor October 8, 2019

“I remember the comeback in the game against Capo Valley.  We were down by four points. Ultimately, we won the game by four points,” Karson Criswell (12) recounts, describing one of the most memorable...

To Admire an Athlete

An interesting trait of humanity is, and always has been, its innate desire for entertainment and people to admire.  Interestingly, the sports industry supplies many of these qualities. This use of the...

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