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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Are Daylight Savings really still necessary in the modern world?

Should we have Daylight Savings?

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist March 15, 2022

As you know, daylight savings is when the time is either pushed back an hour, or is pushed forwards an hour to save time. This was originally invented for farmers to have more sunlight, and always occurs...

Is the MetaVerse going to be the future of this reality?

Is The MetaVerse The Future Of This Society?

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist March 11, 2022

Recently, these past couple of months have been an upwards trend of the popularity of the Facebook MetaVerse. In essence, the MetaVerse is an online reality, similar to the movie “Ready Player One”...

Sleep is the key to succeeding each and everyday in life.

Why Rest is Necessary For Success

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist March 10, 2022

Sleep. Everyone does it. Some of us, less than others, and some of us more than others. Sleep is needed by the human body to rest and heal. It is also the key to succeeding in life. Sleep is an extremely...

This pizza sold for 10,000 Bitcoins in 2010, which now is around $450,000,000.

How crypto-currency changed the world of investing

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist January 13, 2022

After the past 2 years, crypto currency has made a massive impact on the investing/trading communities. Lots of people have realized how much better it is to invest in crypto currencies than stocks. Crypto...

In this image, Bitcoin is seen plummeting as of a single day.

Crypto Market Tanks

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist December 17, 2021

On Friday, I was having a chat with my friend when all of a sudden my phone started blowing up with notifications alerting me that the crypto market is tanking, going down rapidly. I read this news and...

There is a huge competition between AMD CPUs and Intel CPUs

Why AMD is Better than Intel

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist December 3, 2021

Throughout the last couple of years, Intel has been dominating the computer scene. All of their products have been marginally better than any type of CPU brand that has tried to make a better CPU. Knowing...

The Valorants Champions Tour will have a lot of viewers.

Esports are the Future of Television

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist October 28, 2021

Since videos first came out, they have been a hit for broadcasting services such as the news. New stations would film people playing on their Tetris games and Nintendo 64s. Ever since Call of Duty was...

Crypto Currency has become extremely volatile because of its investors.

Why Crypto-Currency is very volatile

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist October 28, 2021

Over the past years, crypto currency has become very famous as a place to invest money into. Crypto currency can go up and down at any time, and is completely fueled by an economy of other people investing....

Shelves are starting to get looted and stores need to make changes.

Stores are preparing for a blowout this halloween.

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist October 13, 2021

In October, stores are prepping in order to have enough candy to suffice for their customers this halloween. It is very common that stores are flooded near halloween, so stores are taking precautionary...

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