The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Yorba Linda High School is home to over 1,800 students. “Run with the Stampede!”

The History of Yorba Linda High School

Journey Mou, Photojournalist December 5, 2022

Yorba Linda High School is known for its excellent academics, award-winning athletics, and refined arts. It was recognized as one of  U.S. News and World Report's “Top High Schools” and is in the...

Girl Scouts of Travis Ranch Elementary School in 2019.

MacKenzie Scott Donates $84.5 Million to the Girl Scouts of the USA

Journey Mou, Photojournalist November 4, 2022

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott donated $84.5 million to the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) on Tuesday, October 18. For the 110-year-old organization, this donation was the largest individual donation from...

The value of the US dollar makes it so you get more “bang for your buck” in foreign countries.

Less for More: Traveling Abroad

Journey Mou, Photojournalist October 22, 2022

It is a pretty known fact that traveling to a different country is expensive, but now with inflation prices going through the roof, the Federal Reserve (Fed) is increasing the value of the U.S. dollar...

Pictured above are some of the many companies that offer tuition reimbursement.

A Different Way to Pay for College

Journey Mou, Photojournalist October 17, 2022

There are different ways of reducing the cost of college. Scholarships, grants, and loans are all viable methods. However, tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance is one of the lesser-known ways to...

Disneyland is one of the most popular tourist locations, but is the price worth it?

Is Disneyland Worth the Money?

Journey Mou, Photojournalist October 10, 2022

From food at every corner you turn to merchandise stores scattered at the most convenient places, walking through Disneyland is like strolling past a neon “Buy Me” sign. Though it depends on the family...

Blackpink releases their second full album after a hiatus of two years.

Blackpink in Your Area

Journey Mou, Photojournalist October 2, 2022

After two years of no group activity, Blackpink released their new album Born Pink on September 16, 2022. Along with the pre-release song, “Pink Venom,” their second album has 8 songs ranging from...

A basketball player hit opponent Lauren Ham after being encouraged to do so by her mother Latira Shonty Hunt.

Mother Pays $9,000 After Daughter Punches Opponent During Youth Basketball Game

Journey Mou, Photojournalist September 27, 2022

Latira Shonty was charged last Wednesday with, "one misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and one misdemeanor count of battery” (Los Angeles Times). Around a year ago on November...

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