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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Man fist bumps law enforcement personnel during Baltimore protests. Courtesy of

Riots: Ruinous or Revealing?

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor May 14, 2015

Nearly everyone can agree that using violence to protest violence is hypocritical, and these types of demonstrations should be condemned. However, is the way that the media is portraying the Baltimore...

Will online streaming services like Netflix soon overtake satellite and cable companies? Photo courtesy of

The Future of TV

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor May 1, 2015

Since the invention of the television in 1927 and its rise to popularity in the 1950s, TVs have been at the foundation of American entertainment. In recent years, TVs have become thinner, longer, clearer--people...

Many high school seniors waiting into the summer for responses from schools theyve been waitlisted at. Photo courtesy of

How to Leave Waitlist Limbo

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor April 30, 2015

As May 1st, the deadline to submit an enrollment deposit to colleges, approaches, many YLHS seniors have made the final decision about where they will go next fall. "I'm so excited to be attending Texas...

Marco Rubio announcing his bid for the presidency. Courtesy of

A New American Century

Jace Jenican, Editor of Opinions April 23, 2015

Last week, Marco Rubio announced his bid for the White House and announced his intentions to bring the country into a "New American Century." He used plenty of dynamic and progressive rhetoric, creating...

Here is a map of the electoral college with the swing states in gray. Courtesy of Goldman Sachs Global Research.

Electoral Map Blues

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor March 12, 2015

The Republicans are going into the 2016 presidential election at a disadvantage. Not only do the Democrats have a leg up in the electoral college, but their nominee is essentially already chosen. A coronation makes...

A Tragedy Close to Home

A Tragedy Close to Home

Jace Jenican, Editor of Opinions March 12, 2015

Monday February 2nd, an El Dorado High School photography teacher died of an "apparent suicide." Jillian Jacobson was found hanging in her classroom after students had been waiting outside of a locked...

Serial Podcast has taken the internet by storm. Picture courtesy of

“Serial” Killer

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor January 23, 2015

The past three months, something unexpected has become a cult classic on the internet: "Serial", a podcast about a 1999 murder. The premise is that a reporter, Sarah Koenig, was contacted by Rabia Chaudry,...

The President recently announced his plans to sign an executive order on immigration. Courtesy of

Obama’s Immigration Executive Order

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor December 5, 2014

Thursday night, President Obama gave a speech announcing an executive order that would be signed in regards to immigration. The executive order will allow an estimated five million illegal immigrants,...

Many argue that marijuana is not bad for you; however, that is simply untrue. Courtesy of

Pot Corner: Why You Should Say No

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor November 20, 2014

This past summer I went to Boys State which is a week long summer program sponsored by the American Legion where 1-3 boys are chosen from participating high schools in California to come to Sacramento...

This is a summary of the senate races from Election night. Courtesy of

Election Reflection

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor November 13, 2014

Tuesday November 4th was the midterm elections. The big takeaway is: it was a wave election. Now, what is a wave election? It really doesn't have any set definition, but it is used to refer to an election...

25 Years: Der Fall der Mauer

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor November 6, 2014

25 years ago, the cold war was still raging. There were two Germanys: Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD-West Germany) and Deutsche Demokratische Republic (DDR-East Germany). West Germany was capitalist and...

The map shows the current legality of pot by state. Photo courtesy of

Legalized Pot on the Ballot Again?

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor November 6, 2014

History was made in 2012 when Coloradans and Washingtonians both passed initiatives to legalize marijuana in their states. Even though at the state level in Colorado and Washington pot is now legal, federally...

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