The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Pan African Student Summit is a new club at YLHS that focuses on the social empowerment and inclusivity of Black students on campus with their motto “Knowledge of Self before Knowledge of Others.”

YLHS Pan African Student Summit

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist January 24, 2021

New to Yorba Linda High School this year is the creation of the Pan African Student Summit, a club for the appreciation of Black Culture and to raise awareness for the continued social progress for those...

An example of a normal, emotional post by “We’re Not Really Strangers” displays a quote, “I’m So Happy You Walked into My Life.”

We’re Not Really Strangers

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist January 17, 2021

Recently on TikTok, a motivational account named “We’re Not Really Strangers” has been appearing more frequently on user’s profiles providing inspirational and emotional quotes for their followers....

Eastlake in Yorba Linda is decorated with incredible lights to ring in the holiday season.

Newport Beach Boat Parade Canceled

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist December 18, 2020

Due to the continued spread of COVID-19, the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce announced the cancellation of the annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. Prior to its cancellation, the parade was scheduled...

Shayda Roshdieh (12) feels empowered by her writing to take on lifes next obstacles.

Student Writers

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist December 18, 2020

Amidst all the distress and fear aroused due to the spread of COVID-19, many students have begun to adopt new hobbies and activities to cope with their emotional turmoil. One common hobby seen among several...

Taylor Swift shocks fans with her ninth studio album, Evermore.

Review of Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore’

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist December 18, 2020

Once again Taylor Swift has shocked fans with another surprise album of 2020. Earlier this year, fans were blindsided by the release of her first folk album Folklore that revealed the singer’s entrance...

YLHS Improv Club pictured here gearing up before their first Zoomprov production.

YLHS Zoomprov Show

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist December 11, 2020

Last Friday, December 4th, the YLHS Improv Club hosted their first production live on Zoom. In recent years, the club had usually held an event known as Comedy Sportz where participants would be split...

Liesl Klages (12) pictured here with her mail in ballot for the 2020 election.

Seniors Vote for the First Time in 2020 Election

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist December 8, 2020

Many seniors voted for the first time amidst one of the most chaotic and unique elections in modern history. In history class, students read about significant events that alter and shape history, but this...

Dash and Lily is Netflixs newest Christmas show depicting the inciting love story of two star-crossed teenagers.

Dash and Lily: TV Show Review

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist December 3, 2020

Netflix's newest holiday lineup consists of a brand new show, Dash and Lily. This show portrays two young teenagers in the heart of New York City who both end up alone during Christmas. Although they are...

During quarantine, many students have been reading more books to see what lessons they hold.

The Romanticism in Reading

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist December 3, 2020

With the advancement of technology through television, computers, and cell phones; many have criticized humanity for becoming less humane. Instead of looking at the world around us, we look at moving pictures...

Yorba Linda High School seniors, Emily Kraack (12) and Ashley Ruggles (12), are shown working at Blue Scoop Creamery in Yorba Linda following new regulations due to COVID-19.

Student Workers: Benefits, Costs, and Risks

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist November 1, 2020

During the quarantine, many students had more time on their hands to take up new skills, hobbies, and activities. For some, quarantine was a great opportunity to apply for jobs. With new hybrid schedules,...

Dylan Shube (11) serves as the first ever ASB Diversity Commissioner for Yorba Linda High School.

Dylan Shube: New ASB Diversity Commissioner

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist October 4, 2020

As our world is continually changing to grow more inclusive of new beliefs, ideas, and philosophies, it is also becoming more accepting of people’s differences pertaining to race, gender, sexuality,...

Recent graduate Alexa Rome shares her new health based Instagram, creativecurations, in order to inspire others to pursue a nutritious lifestyle.

2020 Graduates: Where are they now?

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist September 26, 2020

As Yorba Linda High School is still yet to return to in-school classes, colleges across the country have questioned the reality of successfully returning to campus as well. Recent graduates of Yorba Linda...

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