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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

A day at the beach. Photo Credits: Grace Kim

H. A.T. S (Have a Terrific Summer)

Grace Kim, Section Editor June 5, 2019

As the school year comes to an end and summer approaches, Yorba Linda High School mustangs can’t wait for bonfires by the beach, sleeping in, and traveling. Many students look forward to summer break...

Modern day witch hunts are more then just pitchforks and torches. Photo credits to the ranteaterexpress

Social Media Witch Hunt

Grace Kim, Section Editor June 5, 2019

Recently, on Youtube, James Charles’ career was destroyed after a online feud with beauty blogger, Tati Westbrook. (More information is written on a different article specifically dedicated to the James...

Our nation is drowning in debt. Photo credits to Bricks and Mortgages.

A Nation of Debt

Grace Kim, Section Editor June 5, 2019

Recently, the Youtube Channel, Cut, uploaded a video that asked 100 people of various ages from the U.S how much and why they were in debt. Of the interviewees, several individuals were in thousands of...

Drake hitting the woah. Photo credits: Tenor

Hit the Woah

Grace Kim, Section Editor June 5, 2019

There was once the whip and nae nae, then there was the dab, followed by the shoot. Millennials are constantly choreographing creative dance crazes that become the latest “move” to do with friends...

Butterflies migrating. Photo credits: San Antonio Credits

Butterflies Migrating through Southern California

Grace Kim, Section Editor June 5, 2019

Maybe you have seen them flying through your backyard or fluttering across the quad during break or lunch. This year swarms of butterflies have been spotted migrating through California including Yorba...

Ironically photo credits are given to WikiHow

Is Cheating getting Worse?

Grace Kim, Section Editor June 5, 2019

Without naming any students, there seems to have been an increase in the number of teens cheating on their homeworks, tests, and quizzes. Specifically, when Donald McCabe, a professor at Rutgers University,...

Caption: Many teens are using either Snapchat or Instagram throughout their daily lives. Which one is better? Photo Credits: Stoltz Marketing Group.

Snapchat vs Instagram: Which one is Better?

Grace Kim, Section Editor June 5, 2019

Snapchat vs Instagram. Snapchat and Instagram are the two most popular social media apps for teens and young adults. According to the digital marketing website, Zephoria, there were 190 million active...

The most expensive coffee in the world is collected from the Vietnamese WIld Civet. Photo credits:

Coffee Culture

Grace Kim, Section Editor June 5, 2019

“Want to grab coffee sometime?”   Coffee. A caffeinated drink brewed from roasted coffee beans and flavored with sugar and milk. Despite the drink’s miniscule demeanor, coffee is ingrained...

The Trump Wall has made subtle progress. Photo Credit:

An Ongoing Battle

Grace Kim, Section Editor May 28, 2019

Ever since Trump declared that he would “build a wall” for his presidential campaign in June 2015, the debate on whether a wall was necessary and/or worth the billions of dollars of investment has...

The Marie Kondo wave is affecting people all around the world. Photo Credits:

Does it Spark Joy?

Grace Kim, Section Editor April 9, 2019

The Marie Kondo effect, also known as the tidying tide, is decluttering closets and organizing homes throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Marie Kondo is a japanese organizing consultant that...

Photo credits: NowthisNews
Caption: Former President Barack Obama gave an interview discussing toxic masculinity

What it Means to be a Man

Grace Kim, Section Editor March 26, 2019

Before beginning this passage, I would like to first note that the topic discussed is a very sensitive but essential and must be discussed.   What does it mean to be a man? Gold? Girls? Huge...

A year to remember for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

2018 Recap

Grace Kim, Section Editor January 15, 2019

Three! Two! One! Happy New Year! Following the performance of BeBe Rexha singing John Lennon’s Imagine on the Planet Fitness Center Stage, the countdown began for the next year. Today, 2018 is a thing...

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