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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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Icebreakers are meant to help us adjust to new environments such as our high school classrooms, but are they truly more effective than forming connections naturally?

Are Ice Breakers Really Necessary?

Emily Eslao, Section Editor, Cartoonist September 26, 2021

Yorba Linda High School has already made the anticipated jump back into full-time, in-person learning. As students are being re-introduced to classrooms, many have once again experienced the process of...

Yorba Linda’s public library and cultural arts center opened fairly recently, and it is sure to be a valuable resource when looking for summer reads.

Summer Scrolling

Emily Eslao, Section Editor, Cartoonist June 6, 2021

The summer following this tumultuous school year will certainly be a time to relax and rewind. Lethargy of quarantine has likely stirred an interest in our new hobbies, and summer gives yet another chance...

Students might remember when napping was mandatory in their earlier school years, but research has shown that there is still benefit in napping for high schoolers.

Should High School Students Take Naps?

Emily Eslao, Section Editor, Cartoonist June 6, 2021

Over the past year, the conditions of daily living have made it much easier for students to become chronically sleep deprived - which is not the same as the occasional bad night’s rest; for it to be...

Healthy friendships are crucial to combating the hopelessness and disconnection of quarantine, but with most interactions occurring through screens it takes special effort to uphold such relationships.

Friendship and Quarantine

Emily Eslao, Section Editor, Cartoonist April 14, 2021

The past few months of self-quarantine have surely taken a toll; at times it feels difficult to continue, even knowing that each precaution is for the safety of ourselves and others. After all, the current...

It is not unlikely for students to be pulled from online classes to help around the house, such as doing dishes. Although well-meaning, a parent’s mindset that one can simply opt out of instruction is harmful to a student’s learning experience.

Do Parents Take Online School Seriously?

Emily Eslao, Section Editor, Cartoonist April 6, 2021

The switch to online school came with a myriad of its own problems, as the aspects of a traditional classroom had to be translated to remote lessons. It is safe to assume that each student experienced...

To many, quarantine has served to worsen previously existing habits when it comes to posture.

Posture PSA

Emily Eslao, Section Editor, Cartoonist February 19, 2021

COVID-19 incited a plethora of causes and effects in our day-to-day living. Some, such as digital learning and social distancing, are more prominent. Meanwhile others, such as posture, may go unnoticed.    The...

This Virtual Pride event is one of the many ways the LGBT+ community has reached out and shifted to online platforms.

2020 Pride

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist June 9, 2020

The beginning of June marks the beginning of Pride month, a time to celebrate and recognize the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and others) community in a welcoming environment. It honors the 1969...

The pandemic’s impact on sleep is not limited to California; the image shows that sleeping schedules are changing drastically across the nation.

Quarantined Night Owls

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist June 8, 2020

With California still in quarantine, people are looking for further notice on the stay-home order. Currently, only essential activity, retail, and necessary infrastructure are officially allowed in the...

People’s concern for pets have resulted in the purchasing or creating of masks or suits for their pets. As the virus has so far been mostly transmitted person to person, President of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. John Howe, says that “this is a total waste of money, a total waste of time.”

Household Pets and the Coronavirus

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist May 23, 2020

As of now, there is no definite explanation as to the origin of the current strain of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. Still, “Scientific evidence overwhelmingly points to wildlife,” specifically bats,...

“Bill Nye the Science Guy” was one of the most popular and iconic television series on PBS, and the success of the show gave Nye a current net worth of 6.5 million.


Emily Eslao, Photojournalist May 23, 2020

Since the United States gained independence from Britain in 1776, there has always been a certain pride in whatever is accomplished as a country. The United States constantly strives for greatness in each...

The spread of these ads are the result of a $500 million outreach campaign for public education on the efficiency and safety of taking the 2020 Census.

Census and Coronavirus

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist May 15, 2020

Amidst all the confusion of quarantine, there is still a need to carry out the programmed functions. As scheduled, the 2020 Census arrived just as it did in 2010. and as it did another ten years prior....

Oyster reefs are one of the newest methods of preventing coastal erosion. Communities even in Orange County are working to establish oyster beds to buffer abrasive currents.

California Coastlines

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist April 25, 2020

Beaches are perhaps one of the most iconic landscapes that characterize California as a state. In fact, U.S. News comments that “when first-time visitors imagine California, one of the first things that...

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