The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The answer to success in school is not when you study but how effectively you can use your time.

Late-Night vs. Early-Morning Homework: Which Is More Effective for Students?

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist October 19, 2023

As students who want to become successful in school and academics, we often find ourselves grappling with the infinite struggle between late-night homework sessions and early-morning study routines. Both...

ASB displaying the Homecoming theme this year: out of this world!

“Out of This World” Homecoming: Something You Have To Know

Cynthia Lan, photojournalist October 12, 2023

On Friday September 15 during the Roaming Rally, the YLHS annual homecoming theme was revealed. This year, students will be gearing up for an unforgettable, out of this world Homecoming celebration. Students,...

The YLHS Psycholgy clubs welcomes students who are interested in Psychology to join their club. The remind code are @23a41b

The Impact of Social Media on Students’ Minds: Research Project from YLHS Psychology Club

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist June 5, 2023

In today's highly connected world, social media has become a vital aspect of teenagers' daily routines. Maggie Wang, the Psychology president introduced, “[o]ur club discovered an article in the New...

On the way of becoming financially literate: essential tips for high school students.

Smart Financial Ideas for High School Seniors

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist June 3, 2023

When you got your first paycheck, what did you do with it? As students are approaching their senior year, they face more crucial financial decisions in life. While learning all the financial life skills...

Students in FBLA are getting on the plane to Sacramento; many of the students are going on a trip without their parents for the first time.

What Can You Learn from a Trip Without Your Parents?

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

Going on a journey without your parents can feel like an exciting and transformative experience. As a participant in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) state conference, I had the opportunity...

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us ---John Dryden

How to Plan Your Years in High School

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist June 1, 2023

High school is a crucial period in a person’s life; it lays the foundation for a person’s future endeavors, and it’s where you enjoy the most dynamic years of life. Planning your years in high school...

This is a marble statue of the ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates. Academy of Athens, Greece.

Should U.S. Public Schools Offer More Philosophy Courses?

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist June 1, 2023

Many students at YLHS like learning the basics of philosophy, which has the benefit of practicing critical thinking skills, learning to empathize with people, and more.   In the complex information...

Having an open mind can turn criticism feedback into your own growth.

Turning Criticism into Growth

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist April 17, 2023

There is a saying that “A heartfelt advice can be jars to the ears, yet it can benefit one’s action.” This is like how medicine can taste bad, but it’s good for your health. Everyone loves to hear...

The Teddy bear is having a good dream right now. Hope you have one too during REM sleep tonight!

Sleep: It is Just That Important!

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist April 17, 2023

Have you noticed that everybody seems to be getting sick when the seasons change, especially from winter to spring? Maybe even you have caught a cold lately. Getting sick may cause you to miss school,...

Hundreds of gorgeous flowers around Yorba Linda that are thriving after the rain.

Blooming beauty and the sneezing season

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist April 13, 2023

Couple weeks of downpours has brought plants in California full of vitality. One of the most beautiful things that happened is probably the super bloom. According to, the last super bloom was...

These are the different sports fields at Yorba Linda High School.

Choose Your Own Sports: What are the Benefits?

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist March 29, 2023

“Do you play any sports?” – people usually start up a conversation with a question like this. Sports topics are usually people’s love because they represent a lot of character traits including...

This is artwork created by AI, which has affected much more than the art in our society.

What Will The Future Be? Exploring The Pros and Cons of The Artificial Intelligence

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist February 27, 2023

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics discussed by people all around the world. When people search “AI” on Google, there will be thousands of websites, videos, news, and books...

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