Happy Fall, Y’all!


Perfectly shaped pumpkins wait to be chosen at the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch in Brea. Photo courtesy of yelp

Bridgette Roberts, Photojournalist

It is finally that time of year again when the leaves are turning vibrant colors and landing perfectly onto the ground, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks, and of course, boots make a reappearance into girls’ closets. Fall has its many alluring features that makes it – for many – their favorite season. From simply carving a pumpkin to enjoying delicious soups and pot roasts, everybody loves fall.

Fall Activities

One of the great things about fall is the various entertaining activities to take part in throughout the season. Bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, making delicious pies, or even jumping in a pile of leaves makes fall so unique and enjoyable. Additionally, pumpkin patches call for a pleasant experience with friends or little ones, especially if there is a petting zoo. Not only do pumpkin patches offer fabulous photo-ops, they also are an amusing and cheap activity. Most locations are free to enter and walk around, but sometimes petting zoos or blow-up slides may cost a minimal fee. Bored and need a fun activity for the night? Go see the ultimate pumpkin patch. The RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns is a traveling exhibit of five thousand intricately hand-carved pumpkins lit as jack o’lanterns at night for all to see. Traveling nation-wide, this spectacular display is currently showing their incredible carvings at the Pomona fairgrounds. Tickets are $26 each, but what a unique experience to admire thousands of creatively detailed jack o’lanterns in the midst of fall? The links to various local pumpkin patches including the RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns is located below.

Fall Fashion

In addition to pumpkin patches, another reason people love fall is the ability to wear fashionable, warm clothes. Lindsey Kitchen (12) claimed, “My favorite thing about fall is the fashion trends associated with the season. I love wearing cozy sweaters, long sleeves, scarves, and my favorite – boots!” After a long hot period of wearing tank tops and shorts, a change in weather is much needed. Many girls resort to wearing boots or Uggs, long sleeves or flannels, jeans or leggings, scarves if it is really cold, and often some sort of warm coat. For guys, their style does not change quite as much; they usually just wear pants, possibly a flannel, and a jacket. Nonetheless, both boys and girls love the weather when it drops below seventy degrees, and the sky is painted with thick, puffy clouds.

Fall Food

For all those foodies out there, fall brings another delectable element: warm, comfort food. Once fall hits, the butternut squash soups and multiple bean chilis make their debut, while the summer salads disappear. The best way to come home after a long day of school or work is to step in the doorway as savory aromas of baked pumpkin pie or turkey in the oven fill the air. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many. Just remembering the sweet scents of freshly baked apple pie or grandma’s homemade mashed potatoes and gravy can get people yearning for the end of November already.

The warm fashionable clothing styles, the various activities to participate in, and the heavenly food are all lovely features that the season brings. It is no wonder that on the very first day of fall this year (September 22), although it was definitely above eighty degrees, the line for Starbucks was out the door with people gleefully walking away with their PSLs and hot chocolates to commemorate the beginning of their favorite season.



Links to fun and local pumpkin patches:

RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns at Pomona fairgrounds: http://www.therise.org

Tanaka Farms in Irvine: http://www.tanakafarms.com

Enchanted Pumpkin Patch in Brea: http://www.enchantedpumpkins.com

Stu Miller’s Pumpkin Patch in Aliso Viejo: http://www.seasonaladventures.com/index.htm

Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch: http://www.irvineparkrailroad.com/events/pumpkin-patch/

Zoomars Pumpkin Patch in San Juan Capistrano: http://www.zoomars.com

Johnson Brothers Pumpkin Patch in Irvine: http://www.johnsonbros.net/halloween.html