Freshman Football Team Winning Streak


Freshman Football Team

Yorba Linda playing against the Aztecs in their last won game.

Malieka Khan, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School’s freshman football team this year has been on a seven game winning streak, meaning they have been undefeated this far into the season.Their work ethic as well as their teammates and coaches around them affect the outcome of each game they have played and won. Many factors lead the team to its victories, however a few specific fundamentals are the key factors to success.

There are over forty players on the team this year ranging from freshmen to sophomores. Their first game against Valencia High School was won twenty nine to zero at the Valencia football field, as well as the second game against Troy, the Mustangs won twenty six to eight. The very next week, they won thirty six to six against Senora High School on their very own turf, Shapell Stadium, one week before they took down El Dorado forty eight to six. They then went on to beat Brea thirty five to forteen on the seventh of October, just after their win against El Modena thirty six to six. Finally, this past week they played their rival the Aztecs and won in their very own home stadium on October 13, 2016. The freshman Mustangs are hopeful to win their coming up game this Thursday in Shapell Stadium against Foothill.

The players on the team seem to work well together as a whole with some stand out performances from the three top scorers on the team. Nick Magarain (9), Nolan Doyle (9), and Keaton Haddad (9) have all scored the most touchdowns on the team as of the beginning of the season. These players, however, would be struggling without their coaches, Coach Wren as head coach and Coach Domine as defensive coordinator, and daily practices. Fellow teammate Rhys Weingarten (9) states, “Our coaching and discipline has really helped us throughout the season and helped us get out to early leads as well as maintain them.” Though both coaches teach different subjects during the day, they still somehow maintain the focus they need on football as well, leading the team to their amazing winning streak.

The freshman football team hopes to keep up their undefeated streak this following week, as for many games to come. They will practice and train with their coaches to try and stay undefeated for the remainder of their season. As of this week, the freshmen team hopes to win the following game against Foothill this Thursday at Shapell Stadium starting at 3:15. The 2016-2017 freshman football team plans to make their school proud by keeping their streak of seven consecutive wins alive and growing.