The Start of a New German Teacher!

Photo Courtesy of

William Peightal

Photo Courtesy of

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist

In the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD), Yorba Linda High School is proud for all of its hard working Language Department, Fine Arts, Business Academy, etc. As a matter of fact, the school is blessed to have a new member come into its German language program and take the position of a Deutsch Lehrer (German Teacher). Although at first he felt intimidated and excited, he took the challenge of becoming a member in the staff of Yorba Linda High School. Yorba Linda High School now has the honor to have a new member who will move our German program forward.


Herr William Peightal (Mr. William Peightal) was courteous enough to become one of Yorba Linda High School’s teacher when the school was short on german applicants. He is a highly qualified teacher. Herr William Peightal decided to come to Yorba Linda High School because he heard from previous teachers that there weren’t very many applicants for German teachers at Yorba Linda High School. Herr William Peightal (staff) says with vigor that “it’s an honor to work with students with such great potential!” Like most teachers it is hard to learn a language and be able to speak it fluently. Well, Herr William Peightal is fluent in German, Spanish, Italian and let’s not forget English!


Prior to this school year, Herr William Peightal was striving to become a German teacher. He prepared himself for being a linguistic person; he studied german at California State University, Long Beach. In particular, Herr William Peightal enjoys working with beginning German students and advanced German students. Herr Williams favorite part of working as a German teacher is hearing stories from students hearing other students speak German in other classes that have nothing to do with the German language.


When students are having a hard time with a material, Herr William Peightal (staff) says “remember that you are a part of something massive and don’t sweat small stuff.” Currently Herr William is preparing students for German 4 or German Language AP. He knows what to teach and what to use to prepare students if they decide to continue on in German. It’s not just the language, but the background of German countries- Austria, Germany, Switzerland. Learning the arts and fundamentals of a language can be rough, but it is much more easier with a teacher who has faith in you and will guide you throughout your journey!