Welcome to “Novelists in the Making!”

photo courtesy of Clipartix


photo courtesy of Clipartix

Katie Toblesky, Photojournalist

Students all over the YL campus love writing, but don’t have a place to show off their work. At least, they didn’t until Caroline Birchfield and Taylor Chelliah formed the new writing club “Novelists in the Making.”


Ms. Dagampat, who teaches Language Arts 2 along with Speech and Debate, is the teacher advisor for the club. Co-presidents are Caroline Birchfield and Taylor Chelliah, with Caroline’s twin brother, Ryan Birchfield, as their Vice President. The secretary is Corina Fantes and Haley Enos as treasurer.


This is the first year of their club and both of the co-presidents are very excited for their club to kick off with the hope of shaping these students into future novelists!


“Since Caroline Birchfield and I started to write stories and have competitions, I just thought why not start a writing club and voila!” stated Taylor Chelliah (12).


So far, Novelists in the Making have only had one meeting, which was on October 4th. The next meeting was said to be a month after the first; however, they are rethinking the next meeting date due to some time management issues of the first meeting.


Members of the club bring in a short story with a minimum of 1000 words to share with the staff and other members of the club. Taylor will then read the story out loud in her “melodious” voice to them. Once finished, the writer will receive both positive and negative feedback on his or her story. Constructive criticism is necessary for any young writing if they wish to improve their skills and become a better author.


Every month, there will be a genre idea and then a definite prompt related to the genre theme of the month. Eech member will pick one or the other to write about. As for what they brought in the first meeting, they just had to write something that would give the club an idea of what their writing style is. The next meeting, they have to bring in a story with no cliche characters.


“We started the club to allow people whom loved creative writing to have a place where they could share that passion and create new works as well as get constructive criticism,” said Caroline Birchfield (12). “[So] I look forward to seeing everyone in the club just growing their writing skills and get better as they year progresses.”


“Novelists in the Making” is a wonderful opportunity to show others what you are capable of creating and how you can express your thoughts into words. This club is perfect for students who love writing!