Rising Generation of E-sports


A League of Legends tournament. sportingnews.com

Grace Kim, Photojournalist

Seated in front of the desktop, a typical eSports game starts by releasing the player into the virtual realm. The game begins tentative,but become gradually intense as more time goes by. What are eSports? Well, eSports are competitive games using electronics. Overwatch, Fifa, Clash Royal, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, and Counterstrike are all part of this one genre call eSports. Vincent Wu (11) says “[his] favorite [eSports] game is Clash Royal.

In fact, eSports have professional players in professional teams that compete much like those in a baseball game. The players have to have good teamwork, agility, and many hours of practice to become the next world champions. Although eSports may look fun and easy, majority of eSport players retire early, because of intense stress. One mistake by one player may be the end of a match and their loss in reaching world championships. Jin Lee (11) describes eSports as being “competitive.” Currently, League of Legends World 2016 is in progress, and Counter Strike tournaments are coming to an end. ESL, Electronic Sports League, is the most popular and oldest eSports company that holds competitions for several popular games.

Over the course of time, electronic games are gaining more attention, and the industry has been on a rapid path to success. According to Newzoo, a mobile marketing company, 205 million people have watched or played eSports in 2014. This was only in 2014, imagine 2018 or maybe 2050, electronic games will become a major profit hold. The game makers, also compete with one another. When one game starts lacking the attention of the audience, another game will become the new trend. For an example, Overwatch has been taking the virtual world by storm. This new game was released May 24, 2016; and, became one of the top most played games in the world. Due to the fast pace of the internet, companies have to compete one another for new ideas and popularity. Employees must quickly develop a new idea that will keep their game at the top. Whether this is adding new characters to the game or putting a special ability to the player; companies have to develop the “trend.” Much hard work and dedication is put into these electronic games; background music, ridding the game of glitches, or internal problems that may occur. Competitive electronic games are no doubt complicated and require much time; however, the future would not be the future without some eSports.