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Photo courtesy of www2.palomar.edu

Photo courtesy of www2.palomar.edu

Katie Toblesky, Photojournalist

Reading is an excellent way to improve brain function and educational performance. In young children, reading is an excellent way to help them learn language and speech. It also helps teenagers and adults expand their vocabulary and use of words.


The brain is a muscle, according to the website LearnToRead. To improve its function, it needs to be regularly exercised. Reading is an easy and enjoyable way to do this!


Reading is enforced on children the moment they enter school. It starts out with simply learning the alphabet, then transitions to forming words with their newly taught letters. After simple words are taught, they are introduced to sentences. In order to help them learn all of this, teachers read picture books to them while showing them the words. From then on, they continue to learn more about reading and writing. Children spend their entire education learning more and more about literature.


The reason that schools enforce novels, short stories, and informative articles onto the students is not only to grow their knowledge of our language, but it also makes us more aware of our world, according to the website Pearson. Many pieces of literature feature many locations from all around the world and focus on various topics. Just by reading certain things, people can learn all about cultures, nature, history, science, and so much more!


There are many types of pieces that people can read. The most popular choice is novels. Novels tend to interest the general population because they are generally for entertainment and are read as leisure. Reading novels can extend creativity and make it easier to move through work or difficult parts of the day. For a quicker and more informative read, there are always newspapers. Whether it be online or delivered to your house every morning, newspapers make everyone aware of what is happening currently in the world.


Concentration skills are also improved when reading, according to the website WhyToRead. Focusing in on the details of the story or information can help with listening to teachers, understanding questions on a test, and being able to finish homework easier.


Exploring different areas of writing can help you discover more about yourself as well. Depending on what you like (fiction, nonfiction, informative, etc…), you can discover what your future has stored for you. Because reading boosts creativity, it also improves your writing skills, which comes in handy for school, college, and even jobs.


Reading is very important for daily life. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, reading will always be a significant factor to live successfully.