YLHS Women’s JV Golf

The Journey at Pechanga (golf course)

Christine Ding

The Journey at Pechanga (golf course)

Christine Ding, Photojournalist

The YLHS Women’s JV Golf team season started on August 16, 2016. Twenty-three Girls tried out and all made the team. Coach Richardson(Staff) and Coach Toro(Staff) worked hard to manage the team from the beginning of practice, and to the season. The women’s JV team has three squads: Blue, Red, and Grey. The three squads rotate in matches, they have played in ten regular matches, three league matches against Tory, Orange Lutheran, Canyon, Tustin, Eldorado, Esperanza and one Brea Tournament. The team won all three league matches, six regular matches, and was the fourth, fifth place of the Brea Tournament.


Coach Toro stated, “18 of the 23 girls on JV are new to the golf program with very little experience when we started. The remaining 5 with experience are spread out in the matches so that they can mentor the new girls. In addition to the instruction from coaches and lessons, this strategy is working well for the team. The result is 9 wins out of 12 matches so far. The girls keep getting better as they are motivated by winning and they are having fun. I’m pleasantly surprised by these results in such a large program for women’s golf this year.” Players from different schools compete against with other is a great way to improve the player’s’ game and make new friends. Most importantly, according to Coach Toro, is to have fun.


To many people’s understanding, golf is a relatively easy sport to play. However, golf takes lots of commitment and practice to improve, and it is considered to be one of the most complex sport to play despite the fact that so many rules need to be followed. As players, they don’t only need to keep their body condition well to play the nine-hole course, but also need a good mental condition to play well and not get distract from any outside movements. Getting use to all the clubs, practicing rules on the course, knowing the strategies under different conditions are all important factors to new players, and both coaches are working really hard to instruct the players.


The Women’s Golf season is half passed, and they have 11 more matches to play. Play well in matches and balance school work at the same time, the YLHS players have been working hard to achieve their goals. Keep up the good work Mustangs!