Healthy Foods Are Better Than Exercise

Malieka Khan, Photojournalist

People have heard, while trying to lose weight or become healthier, that exercise is more valuable than the diet they intake. However, recent studies have proven that this is not the case. A healthy diet can have a surplus of advantages that exercise would never provide, most notably the energy and drive the food can give a person, as well as the overall body health benefits.

An article from “Women’s Health” states, “The carbs and sugar in fruit is natural … it’s very high in fiber and very high in protein.” These exact natural carbs and sugar can help the average person wake up in the morning, as well as increase their focus throughout the day. Additionally, this is why having a balanced, healthy breakfast is so important, since studies have shown eating breakfast can provide energy and boost the body’s metabolism. Consequently, healthy eating can be much more beneficial to those trying to lose weight, rather than exercise. Burning off calories is much more time consuming and can become less enjoyable the more it is done. While eating healthier can be difficult at first, once it is done for a while, eating healthy is more enjoyable and easier to many.  

As well as its energy and weight benefits, eating healthy can lead to a healthier body and life in general. In certain areas of the world, such as Panama, residents rarely suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease. To be specific, only nine in one hundred thousand people suffer from these conditions, compared to eighty three for every hundred thousand in other Panamanians on the mainlands, according to a WebMD article. Further in this article the author mentions, “A growing body of evidence suggests that diet is one of the important contributors to longevity and healthy living.” Roxane Fournier (9) believes, “Eating healthy is important because it is good for you to live longer and to be able to experience more things.” This supports the idea that healthy eating will, in the long run, be better for your health and to help you live longer, rather than if you just exercised everyday while consuming unhealthy junk foods for sustenance.

Therefore, while exercising can be beneficial in many ways, when it comes to physical appearance, a healthy diet contributes much more to the overall cause of feeling healthier as well as losing weight and feeling more energetic. In the end, the diet a person consumes outweighs the amount of exercise they do, causing a healthy diet to be immensely beneficial.