A Relief to Stress

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” -William James


Salvador Martinez

Walking after completing homework before dark //ADDITIONAL INFO: PHOTO BY SALVADOR MARTINEZ (Photojournalist)

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist

Don’t worry! Calm down! It’s going to be ok! We all know that for most of middle and high school students receive a lot of homework. Some students might go why do we need to do all this work? There is always going to be a solution when having to deal with a huge amount of homework. Homework is given to help you practice the topic and get better. It is normal in high school to receive a lot of homework from most of your class periods. The important part is that you try and think-it through and don’t stress too much.   

According to some middle school parents, the best way to not stress is to start with one assignment and move to the next with time and no distractions. The best way to do your homework without stressing is to pick a certain time of day, like after school or right after you finish an activity. It’s best to alternate your homework time; this in most cases lowers the stress level of most students; most teachers give advice on working hard in all their classes and their work will become easier and go by fast because they already know the topic or task well.


During a homework assignment, it is best to have what you need in your reach. Always put your assignments in a order from your first period to your last, this will help your brain perform faster because it already is used to the order of your classes. In recommendation, if you took notes in any of those classes, go over them! This will refresh your mind with what you went over the day you had a lecture on the topic.


As you reach your completion of your homework assignments, check what time it is. When most students finish early and it’s still daylight out. Go for a walk! Some great places are around your block or going to a near horse trail and walking for a few minutes. The point is to clear your mind and help you think about what you can possibly achieve! Not to see how tired you can get. Pick a trail that has a nice image. In most areas like Yorba Linda, California. Students and parents, once they finish a task or project they have a inclination of going for a short walk. Grace Kim (10) says that “the horse trails really connects Yorba Linda, using the horse trails you can really walk and enjoy Yorba Linda.”


As you are moving on in school and completing tasks, it is encouraging to take a break and go for a short way. Once you see it, you’ll feel yourself as another person. Don’t let that stress control you! You control it! You are going be more than ok! You’ll be able to see more around you!