A German Celebration



“German Pretzels for the Oktoberfest” Photo courtesy of learn.kegerator.com

Start packin’ your bags! Germany’s biggest Celebration is just around the corner! The German Celebration known as “the Oktoberfest,” has started from a tiny celebration in Bavaria. This celebration took place in the Honor of King Ludwig I’s marriage to Queen Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen five days after their marriage. Later, the Citizens of Munich have adopted the celebration as a Cultural Event. Today, it is now an official event in German Culture. It has started with horse racing, food tents, and beer tents to an extravaganza- over 6 million people attend each year. According to the German People, 1.2 Million people help run hotels, transportation services and food services for people visiting Germany and the Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest takes place on Saturday 17th of September to Tuesday 3rd of October in Munich, Germany. This event has more background than what you would possibly imagine from any annual festivity in the world!


The main attraction to Germany’s Oktoberfest is the “Liquid gold”- as most people call it, is the main theme in the Fest. Today when you mention Oktoberfest, people will begin to think about the pretzels, the meats, the music, and the beer. The festivities included in the Oktoberfest are beer tents, food tents, rides, etc.  People who attend the Oktoberfest never forget their experience on the Germanic Culture. According to Herr William Peightal (Staff) the “Foods are huge, music is loud, costumes are extravagant and the beer glasses are the biggest you’ve ever seen!”


In some years, the Oktoberfest was not able to take place. In 1813, the Oktoberfest was cancelled due to the fact that Germany got involved in Napoleonic War. Other events going on in Europe- World War I, World War II/Holocaust, Austro-Prussian War, etc, these were an obstacle to the Oktoberfest, which in result ended up in cancellation. Sometimes the Oktoberfest would not take place for over 5 years. Even though times for Germany and the Oktoberfest were not looking good, after the wars the Oktoberfest still continued!


The Oktoberfest today has over 400 booths! Some of the most Popular booths people visit today are Bräurosl, Marstall, Hofbräu Festzelt, Käfers Wiesn-Schänke, and multiple other booths. Every year, more than 7.5 million liters of beer is served! This year, one liter of beer, will cost around 9.70 € and 10.10 € at the Oktoberfest!


Today, more than 10,000 places like churches, schools, and other communities hold events somewhat close to the Oktoberfest. They are not as big as we may see them, but we as Americans have our limits on beer and foods on our events. Herr William Peightal (Staff) says “the size is meager compared to the one in Munich!” Today, the Oktoberfest is known as a visiting site and as the largest festivity event in not only Germany but the world! It an experience that you would never forget!