UCLA Shooting

UCLA Shooting

This Wednesday, the UCLA campus was rocked by a shooting that has resulted in the death of a well-loved professor, William Klug.


The shooting took plane in the engineering building, and resulted in a strict lockdown of campus. Yorba Linda High School alumnus Jennifer DeBaun took to her Facebook page and posted updates for the community. Notably she stated that she was “locked in her dorm,” also updating when the campus was clear of law enforcement personnel. While squads of police patrolled the streets of the campus and examined the ins-and-outs, people ran to the nearest dorms and classrooms and most used belts and ropes to secure their doors.


The campus has been so rocked that classes were cancelled for the rest of the day, although they are presumed to resume tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. Classes in the engineering school, however, are not expected to resume until Monday, so as to adequately allow time to mourn.


At this time, not much is known about the motives of the shooter or theĀ cause of his aggression. All that is confirmed is that, after he shot Professor Klug, he proceeded to kill himself. He was a student from Minnesota named Manik Sarkar and he had a kill list that has led police to another victim. Another, undisclosed name, is linked to another UCLA professor who was reportedly off-campus. Sarkar left a note that cites disputes over intellectual property as his main motive; however, the cause of the dispute is still yet to be known.


In the wake of the shooting, officials at UCLA are stating that there are still reports over security of the campus and how some doors were not locked as quick as they could be. However, according to the LAPD, they are extremely pleased with how the alert went out and how rapidly the campus, and the police, mobilized. Although these concerns have arisen, the administration has stated that campus security is being evaluated; however, it will be further addressed in the future.