Graduation Expectations

As seniors prepare to take a leap into adulthood and college they have one final school wide farewell and a final ceremony, graduation. Graduation will be on June 15th at Shapell Stadium, Yorba Linda High School. With such a large event there are many rules and regulations that apply to both students and attendees.



  • report to the gym by 5 pm to line up
  • all school rules apply until the campus is vacated following graduation
  • after check in graduates cannot access their parents
  • students should report by 9pm to check in for grad night
  • No vehicles can be left in the YLHS parking lot overnight
  • students are not allowed to wear or bring flowers, balloons, cameras, sunglasses, cell phones, gum, or electronic devices into the check-in area or have these items with them during graduation
  • senior debts may be payed prior to picking up cap and gown, if debt is not cleared students will not receive a diploma
  • textbooks are due by Friday, June 10th at 1 pm
  • graduation practice is mandatory and will be held on June 15th from 8-9:15 pm at the stadium


Girls are expected to dress in a blouse and skirt or dress slacks or a dress and shoes. Spiked heels are not allowed on the field, wedges are okay. “I have seen many girls fall or get blisters because they have chosen shoes they have never worn before or aren’t comfortable in” advises Mrs. Runge. Boys are expected to wear shirts (recommendation of dress shirt and tie), dress slacks, shoes and socks. No jeans and shorts may be worn. Decorating caps and gowns is prohibited. ”


Carpooling is highly recommended for this popular event. Attendees may park at the Shappell Stadium parking lot, Staff parking lot off of Fairmont Blvd., Fairmont Elementary School and Bernardo Yorba Middle School. Those who park at Fairmont Elementary and Bernardo Yorba will receive complimentary shuttle service that will leave every 10-15 minutes. “The great thing is that it is easier and faster to get out of the parking lot and from what I’ve heard you can get on the bus and back to the other school faster than trying to leave the YLHS parking lot”, explains activity director, Shea Runge.


Each graduate will receive 8 tickets when picking up their cap and gown. 6 of the 8 will be white and 2 will be gray. In the event of rain, the gray tickets will allow entrance to the gym where graduation will then be held. More tickets will be available on June 14th and 15th at the Administration office. Adults may retrieve 8 more tickets per day until tickets are no longer available. If special seating is required for disabled persons please contact (714)-986-7500 with the 14002 extension.


Overall this ceremony is organized to honor the 2016 graduating class. Students have wrapped up four years of high school and will soon be taking their first few steps into the adult world. Congratulations to the Mustang class of 2016!