AP Night

The agony and suffering of AP summer homework has officially befallen honors students at YL. As of May 25th, teachers have distributed information regarding their class for the upcoming school year. Students were given the opportunity to get insight on what to expect from their class. Many walked out with the agony of countless pages of reading while others rejoiced as they were not assigned summer homework for that specific class.


Students taking advanced placement class next year will be required to push themselves for the year until testing is complete. Although taking these classes is a struggle the reward comes in many ways. Such as, exemption from certain college courses from earned AP credits. This will also help save money in the future as is costs less in college because one has attained the credits. Also being able to work with some of the best teachers on campus. After May, post AP testing, students will have the heavy work load off their shoulders to return to other activities, such as Netflix.


During sessions teachers went over the class’ grading scale the workload and how the anatomy of the course runs. Courses like AP Computer Science rely heavily on in-class assignment completion and have a lighter homework load. Whereas classes like AP Biology require students to learn the material at home then come to school with a background to then further apply the knowledge. On the contrary to science courses, AP Language and Composition and AP US History are based around a large mass of reading. Although these classes are based around many different subjects they all initially lead to the same thing, the AP test.


Former students advise others that, “whenever you have any down time, try to finish some of your homework. Create a schedule of even set goals for yourself throughout the summer on when you want your homework complete by” Aroosa Malik (12). Most classes that assign summer homework are known to have a test within the first few days of class. Then, when it is time to build off of those concepts students will struggle as they are not completely familiar with the topics.


Although AP night can seem quite intimidating with an influx of information many students find AP night helpful. Abigail Kim (10), has found, “AP night is really helpful because I get to see what I have signed up for. Granted, I know it won’t be easy but it does help me mentally prepare and motivate myself to thrive in that class”.


Although AP night has passed students are still able to contact the teacher for their course if they have more question and concerns. Summer homework can also be retrieved from the teacher and possibly the teacher’s website.