Student Spotlight: Jill Hirsh


Jill Hirsh (12) first began to play the cello when her Middle School orchestra teacher needed more cellists; soon, it became her favorite instrument. Before Jill fell in love with the cello, she had played the piano, violin, guitar, and clarinet. For Jill, being able to make music is special because it is a way in which she is able to express herself and translate her passion into a melody that the audience can feel and relate to. Freshman year, Jill was first chair in string orchestra, and is currently first chair in sinfonia.


She has received countless awards through the program Certificate of Merit in both regional and state levels for divisions seven, eight, and ten. Last year at the Renaissance Rally, Jill was named Yorba Linda High School’s orchestra student of the year.


Upon her greatest opportunities, Jill, at the young age of twelve, was able to tour in England and Ireland, where she played alongside the Southern California Youth Philharmonic. Jill is most inspired by her cello teacher Kihae Kim because “she has always been extremely dedicated to her profession and her students making learning from her contagious.” Not only does Jill play multiple hours inside and outside of school, but she also enjoys teaching cello lessons by the side of her teacher at North Orange County School of Continuing Education in Anahiem. Jill’s easy going personality is apparent  through her favorite memory, of a recital that she played in, in which she was in a trio, and one of her companions messed up, stopped playing, and asked if they could please start over, all happening while during the performance was going on. In most cases if this ever happened, anyone in Jill’s situation would have been mortified and probably angry at her fellow musician, but Jill laughed off the moment until the concert resumed. Jill’s favorite quote “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe, because it extends the power music has. A memorable symbol the sets Jill apart is her random and admirable love of sloths. Jill identifies with sloths because she finds them adorable, lazy, and simply happy. Next year, Jill plans on furthering her education at the San Jose State University where she will double major in Music Performance and Music Education with a minor in Visual Arts. Overall, Jill’s ultimate goal in life is to live happily and enjoy everything she does.