Prom Rally 2016


Deborah You, Photojournalist

On May 13th, 2016, Mustangs attended the Amazing Race prom rally. Watching the emcees race through Shanghai, China, everyone had the opportunity to first hand experience the prom theme, “When Worlds Collide.”


With emcees, Roger Fang (12) and Deborah You (12), as contestants on The Amazing Race, a television show that highlights contestants racing around the world for a million dollars, the two emcees led the rally and introduced the many performance groups that are on campus at YLHS.


First, Advanced Video Productions welcomed the students with a video that panned around the world, featuring a plane flying from Yorba Linda to Shanghai. There, the two emcees began the black light rally and introduced Dance Company with their medley of different genres of music, Cheer and Song with their many flips and alsicones, a video featured the abundant spring sports that are played at Yorba Linda High School, Band and Guard performing with dancing, instruments, streamers and lights, and finally ended with the National Anthem/Alma mater sung by Marissa Hernandez (11) and Marissa Stinnett (12), as well as Gillian Palafoutas (10) and Jackie Pronk (10).


Stephanie Coulter (12) has never seen the Amazing Race television show, but says that from seeing the rally, she’s now interested in watching it. She says that her favorite part of the prom rally was not only seeing Band and Guard perform with their amazing choreography and music, but also watching [her] friend, Gillian Palafoutas (10) sing the Alma Mater. If she could race around the world on the television show, she says that she would want to compete with her dog, Sienna, because of their love for one another.


In addition to the performances, Mrs. Farrell was awarded with the yearbook dedication and was given a trophy as well as having her name put on a plaque for Yorba Linda High School. Following the annual yearbook award, the 2016 Prom Court was announced. As each of the 5 pairs walked down the red carpet in front of their student body, they were each introduced on a speaker and had a small biography about them, introducing their favorite hobbies as well as activities they are currently involved with here on campus. Each prince and princess ended their walk with a unique/signature dance move with their partner. At the dance the next night, Zack Sowder (12) and Katie Faithe (12) were crowned prom king and queen.