Student Spotlight: Andrew Kessler


Photo courtesy of Sarah Shay

Kessler with the award winning photo!

Daania Kalam, Photojournalist

Click! Flash! Snap! Andrew Kessler is a senior at Yorba Linda High school who has excelled in the art of photography. Recently, Andrew has won third place in the Jostens Photography contest for sports. Out of over 5,000 applicants his photo excelled and won. This photo depicted a intense Mens Waterpolo match moments before scoring a point. Not only has Andrew received prestigious awards, but he is also the photography director and editor for, YLHS the Wrangler and YLHS Yearbook. At nearly all times students on campus can find Andrew in either the Yearbook room or out and about with a camera hanging from his neck. Kessler’s picture perfect journey began with some photography classes as well as, a growing passion for the art.

Andrew has been in Yearbook since freshman year and four years later is still enjoying his time as an editor. Not only does Kessler have stellar photography skills, but he is also talented with photoshop. After The Wrangler was started Kessler’s skills were used to create and manage the photography end of the newspaper. Gavin Gondalwala (12), has been working with Kessler for over 2 years now and sees the talent, “I can’t explain it, he’s in Shay’s room like five hours a day working on the camera and has amazing photoshop skills”.

Because Kessler is a senior, this will be his final year at YLHS. It is unfortunate that an amazing talent and asset will be lost from our school however, Kessler plans to carry on and excel at Orange Coast College. In the future Mrs. Shay, Language Arts, Newspaper and Yearbook teacher, hopes to “see Kessler becoming a professional photographer or an event photographer”. In the future Kessler plans to continue with photography by working for Sports Illustrated. Kessler’s favorite area of photography is sports photography and graphic design. His top three sports to shoot are Football, Soccer, and Lacrosse.

As students browse through this year’s yearbook and read through the YLHS newspaper, parents, students, teachers, and staff will be able to see Andrew Kessler’s fine work across the pages as he has put in continuous time and effort into creating the art. Passion for photography has driven Andrew to excel and will drive him forward in the future as doors to success will open to welcome his art. His work will be mounted across the globe and all of his success would have started on our very own Yorba Linda High School campus.