Student Spotlight: Mya Kough


Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

Mya Kough (12) is most know as the insanely creative, artistic, and down to earth girl. All of this is supported through her involvement in art and dance. Mya’s love of art has come from her grandmother who raised her kids in an art studio. Mya’s mom thus became an artist and Mya easily fell in love with the form of expression.


Mya for two consecutive years has now gone to the Get To Know unconference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Get To Know is an international youth conference where individuals are chosen to present on environmental messages expressed through art. After writing a proposal Mya was chosen to fly to Canada and present her piece where she choreographed a dance and a live drawing. Mya’s piece highlighted concerns of ways humans damage the ocean, for this presentation Mya placed in the top three a huge accomplishment for a first time attendant. Her most recent competition piece she put together earlier this year won her first place in her category, consisted of a dance video which was shot at crystal cove and live dancing, and was about the oil spills in Santa Barbra. Mya felt her goal was accomplished by the amount of people who were moved by her piece. Mya’s dedication to ocean preservation above all comes from our close proximity to the beach.


Mya’s other passion, dance brings back memories of dancing in her living room since she could stand. Officially, Mya started her dance training at the age of three, and she began competing at six years old. Off all the opportunities she has received, she most vividly remembers going to Los Angeles every day after school to dance at West Coast Dance Theater, where she was a part of a hip hop dance group called Kid Power. Kid Power performed at Club Nokia and the Halo Festival in Newport Beach. Being Dance Company Captain Junior and Senior year Mya says, “This team is my everything, I absolutely love being on it and seeing how much everyone has grown on it.” Mya has choreographed multiple routines for Dance Company which have been performed during rallies and at dance shows. Mya was the Mustang Dancer last year, and this year was awarded dancer of the year.


Mya will be attending Oregon State University where she will study art and environmental studies. Her goal is to find ways to incorporate art to protect the environment. Furthermore, Mya desires to travel in order to experience other cultures, as she did this past summer when she went on a mission trip to India. Mya’s future is vibrant and full of growth, she is ready to see where life takes her and ready to “go along for the crazy adventure I know it will be.”